1st BluesRockS Get Together Report
November 22, 2003

Compiled: 10/31/2006
Info taken from BluesRocks Yahoo group pages

Sat Nov 22, 2003 8:18 pm
"David" dlogan@... astrowolf67

Ok, since we didn't do flight cards or anything, how bout we post our personal launches so that a formal report can be made, and collect the stats?

I'll start,

  1. 1. Estes Snitch launched on a Estes C6-0
  2. 2. Estes Mongoose 2 stage, launched on a Estes B6-0 to a B6-6
  3. 3. LOC Onyx launched on a Aerotech F20-4
  4. 4. Estes Fat Boy launched on a Aerotech F21-6
My daughter's flights:
  1. 1. Custom Razor on a Estes B6-4
  2. 2. Estes Sky Writer on a Estes B6-4
  3. 3. Repeat of flight #2
  4. 4. Repeat of flight #2

Sat Nov 22, 2003 10:50 pm
"Patrick M. Harvey" iceage@...

  1. 1. Pheord X-150 on D11-P
  2. 2. Crappy Giggler on E9-4
  3. 3. Venus Probe on D12-3
  4. 4. Deuces Wild on 2xB6-4
  5. 5. Estes Chinese Saucer (Snitch) on C6-0
  6. 6. Quest Mexican Saucer (I forget the name) on C6-0
  7. 7. R2D2's Evil Twin on G38-4

It was a great day and I can't wait to do it again! I am going to raid EVERY hobby shop in Orlando for AT motors and cheap Estes Bulk Packs.

A very warm "thanks" to Terry for putting this together...

Patrick - we really gotta start using flight cards, Excel shows neat things with data!

Sun Nov 23, 2003 10:28 am "shockie" shockwaveriderz@...

Excellent idea David...

As soon as more people post their launches, I will gather them all up and try and make a readable report...

SInce this was our 1st get to know/get to gether fun fly, I just decided we would dispense with the flight cards for this go round...next time and at future launches we will use flight cards and keep a flight log so we can doucment our flights for online reports,etc..

I do know I am the 1st person to lose a rocket....


Terry Dean

Sun Nov 23, 2003 10:48 am
"shockie" shockwaveriderz@...

I just want to say a great big THANK YOU to all that were able to attend the 1st Bluegrass Rocketry Society Fun Fly/Sport Launch.

The following people attended:

  1. 1. Patrick (L2)
  2. 2. David
  3. 3. and his daughter Katie
  4. 4. George (L2)
  5. 5. Michael (L2)
  6. 6. & his nephew Austin
  7. 7. Albert (L2)
  8. 8. Dennis (L1)
  9. 9. Terry
  10. 10. and his niece Alyssa
  11. 11. Courtney
  12. 12. and his son
  13. 13. Eric
  14. 14. and his Children
  15. 15. Bobby McKnight
  16. 16. and his friend Graham...

And I estimate that we lauched a total of 30 rockets over maybe a 3-4 hr period....so thats pretty good.......

Not a bad turnout for a 1st folks....thank you all!!!

In addition to all the above great people, we were presented with a soaring lesson from the local "chickenhawk" population who like to thermal soar at this launch site....

Although the winds were up to maybe 10-15mph, I was the only person to lose a rocket on a D12-5..... and the only person to have a unstable rocket....hmmmmm back to the drawing board..

For all those that wanted to attend but were unable, better make plans NOW for our next launch at the Sims Farm , our 1st HPR Sport Launch/Demo...due sometime in the next month... I will do my best to try and give more than a weeks notice, and maybe we can get an additional 10 people at this one...that would be almost 25 people!!.

WOW....Rocketry is alive and well in My Old Kentucky Home...

A SUPER BIG THANKS to David Logan for bringing up all his launch equipment which all worked perfectly and the Stevens brothers for bringing their GSE too....Without you guys this would All have been alot harder..

Ok folks....lets get those HIJK models built for our next launch, the BIG HPR demo/sport launch at the Sims Farm....

Again A Big Thanks to ALL for making our 1st launch a big success!


Terry Dean Proud Pres of BluesRockS

Sun Nov 23, 2003 12:50 pm
"Patrick M. Harvey" iceage@...

I would bet much more.
Between David, his daughter and myself we had 15 launches.
Bobby and Graham put up 6 easy, heck, Graham got 4 launches from the rocket I gave him so they may have more!

Pictures will have to wait until I get back from Orlando. We are leaving Tuesday morning and returning the following Monday.

Please refrain from emailing me pictures until I get back. Adelphia will shut down my account if it hits 5M and then there will be pictures bouncing all over the place d8^) <<<<<< that's a rocketeer with his goggles and hard hat on!

Everybody have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Patrick - pass the turkey, please...

Mon Nov 24, 2003 7:17 pm
"rdleg05" blac627@... rdleg05

I wanted to take the time to say thanks to the group and all who helped me and my son--Christian this past saturday.
I truly enjoyed myself and learned alot from just talking to the members present.
Christian got a big bang out of flying his rocket and wearing out the hay bales.
He slept well on the trip to Radcliff......

We look forward to more great days like that and continued learning.

Courtney and Christian Blackwell
FT Knox, KY