Spring 2004 Fun Fly
April 03, 2004

04032004/20040403-01.jpg (42631 bytes)
Flying from the Hardin County site
04032004/20040403-02.jpg (57132 bytes)
Terry, Dennis and Joe ready their first flights
04032004/20040403-03.jpg (62318 bytes)
04032004/20040403-06.jpg (59668 bytes)
new rocket? cato protector?
or grill...
04032004/20040403-08.jpg (31815 bytes)
Terry and the Kapton Kid
04032004/20040403-09.jpg (53869 bytes)
Patrick's Aerotrash II hangs on the rod and burns a 1/4" hole in Terry's blast plate
04032004/20040403-10.jpg (23508 bytes)
Dennis thought the field needed a little decorating
04032004/20040403-11.jpg (41837 bytes)
a splash of Alpha's go nice with the existing decor
04032004/20040403-12.jpg (12454 bytes)
and the colorful 'chutes match the ceiling
04032004/20040403-14.jpg (58828 bytes)
04032004/20040403-15.jpg (13206 bytes)
That redneck Saucer is just too fast on a D11 to stop action with my camera
04032004/20040403-16.jpg (6614 bytes)
04032004/20040403-17.jpg (66276 bytes)
The Deuce is loose!
and so is my hair...
04032004/20040403-22.jpg (97516 bytes)
Patricia holding a pair of Deuces
04032004/20040403-23.jpg (26351 bytes)
Deuces' to the left of me,
04032004/20040403-24.jpg (66877 bytes)
Deuces' to the right...
04032004/20040403-25.jpg (40092 bytes)
a perfect deploy in the middle, WHEW!
04032004/20040403-26.jpg (52361 bytes)
Saucer drag racing is serious stuff
04032004/20040403-27.jpg (16056 bytes)
and their off
04032004/20040403-28.jpg (23999 bytes)
can you spell CATO?
04032004/20040403-29.jpg (27693 bytes)
the business end of Mr. Cato
04032004/20040403-30.jpg (18866 bytes)
04032004/20040403-31.jpg (26942 bytes)
Patricia readies the Wal-Mart Express
04032004/20040403-32.jpg (11449 bytes)
Wally off on a D12
04032004/20040403-33.jpg (36916 bytes)
packing up after a fun day...