General Competition Rules

  1. Any competitor entered in Open Spot Landing must make this flight first before making any other flights on the field for the Regional Meet: this includes practice and/or sport flights.
  2. Returns close on Sunday 5:00 p.m.
  3. The timers range area will be bound by the unmowed area on the South and East sides, the access road on the West side and the range marker on the North side. All Timers involved in the flight must remain in this area.
  4. For competition purposes only, the flying site will refer to the Landfill area bound by property fence. The limits of rule 10.4 will be the flying site. That is to say that any model which must be returned under the limits of rule 10.4 must be visually identified from the Landfill site.
  5. The official spot for Open Spot Landing will be selected by the Contest Director.
  6. In any event requiring timing, the contestant will be provided with two official timers. These official timers may be chosen by the contestant.
  7. These rules may be amended if necessary. All rules and amendments must be approved by the Contest Director. This list is some of the more general rules which will be in effect. Other rules may be imposed by the officials if necessary: this list is just to give the competitor a general idea.