Bluegrass 2007 Review

We had a great year this year, and next year is looking to be even better.
I enjoyed flying with all my old and new friends.

2007 Accomplishments

  1. We got 7 new members this year that is more than last year.

  2. We had 820 flights this year that is 301 more than last year.

  3. We had 911 motors burned thats 361 more than last year.

  4. We had a total impulse of 48,223.1ns = 20% P motor.
    That is 18,122.73ns more than last year.

  5. Our club has grown alot in the last year and I hope we can all take the club to the next level this year.

  6. We had 9 cert flights this year and it looks like we will have even more this next year.


  1. Darryl Hankes
    1. It will be hard to list all the Thanks that You deserve so I will list only a few here
    2. Obtaining Waivers and Permits so we can shoot over 200 feet.
    3. Gate keeper, set-up, breakdown, clean-up.
    4. Negotiations when necessary
    5. Obtaining support and vendors for various events held during the year.
    6. Shootin some really big stuff
    7. Doing what ever needs done (sometime without help).
    8. Allways thinking and usually finding ways to make things better and more challenging.
    9. and putting in a whole lot of hard work for the club
    10. THANKS !!!
    11. (above comments not the responsibility of the Prez)

  2. Dennis Stevens
    1. Thanks for taking over as V.P. Your doing a great job.
    2. Thanks for all your help with set up, breakdown, and everything else.

  3. Mark Thompson
    1. Our money man.

  4. Joe
    1. Thanks for all you have done with the web site.
    2. Competition
    3. Set-up, and breakdown.
    4. You've been alot of help this year thanks.

  5. Terry Dean
    1. MIA

  6. David Logan
    1. Hope you can make it out and fly with us this year.

  7. Jeromie
    1. It was good to see you again and meet your wife, Desiree.

  8. CJ
    1. Thanks for all your help
    2. and always making the launches entertaining.

  9. Drew
    1. Thanks for all your help this year.
    2. L3?

  10. Matt
    1. Thanks for helping me out.
    2. Is your L2 bird ready yet?

  11. Belinda
    1. Thanks for the Christmas presents.
    2. Beat Joe to L2 in 2008? (Test easy and Woket no need paint)

  12. Cris Fry
    1. Our newest member
    2. and our last cert of the year.

  13. Dallas Daech
    1. Our youngest member.
    2. and very interested in all aspects of the sport

  14. Johnathan Callahan
    1. Our most enthusiastic flier.

  15. Phil Stevens
    1. Thanks for all your help with the supplies and equipment. You make things easier for me.
    2. Thanks for the snacks and heater too!

  16. Lee Berry
    1. Thanks for all the supplies.
    2. Thanks for supporting BlueGrass
    3. (Your not a member yet?)

  17. Our Sponsers
    1. Aerotech
    2. Al's Hobby Shop
    3. Flis Kits
    4. Hartle Engineering Inc.
    5. Hot Rod Rocketry
    6. Hudson Classic Hobbies
    7. JonRocket
    8. Merlin Missles
    9. Nocturnal Knight Rocketry
    10. Public Missles Limited
    11. Quest Aerospace Inc.
    12. Red Arrow Hobbies
    13. Sunward
    14. Top Flight Recovery LLC

We will be having a theme for all our launches this year prizes TBD. See Schedule in left section of web site.
If everyone flies in our theme launches this year we should have some really cool rockets.
It's the year of the odd-rock.

I hope everyone gets out to fly with us this year, so we can make this year even better than last.

Our next launch will be at Sims 1-12-08 9-5 EST.
New years baby is the theme.

  1. Highest flying baby wins.

  2. Baby must be recovered, or at least the head and torso if its on the outside of the rocket.

  3. The baby can go on the outside of the rocket, or ride inside and come down under its own chute.

  4. Altimeters will determine altitude.
    If you don't have an altimiter, I'll lend mine to those that need it.

See all next year,

The Prez
Darryl Hankes
NAR 84184 L3
TRA 11019 L3