Bluegrass 2008 Review

We had a good year considering all that has happened this year. We have a solid group of folks that now regularly attend our launches.

It is time for me to step down as BRS Prez. Those that attend launches know that I have been planning to step down after this year. I have enjoyed meeting all the new folks to the club.
I will remain NAR SR Adviser and TRA Prefect.
With all I have going now I don't have the time or energy to devote to the club I feel it deserves.
I will still be at all the launches. I just will no longer be handling day to day operations.

The new line up of officers for 2009 will be:

I'm confident our new officers will take the club to the next level. I will be here to help in any way. Thank you for letting me serve as your President these past 3 years. I got all the thanks I could ever want from the folks that show up to fly. That says thanks better than words.

2008 Accomplishments

  1. We got 7 new members this year. That is the same as last year.
    • Phil Stevens
    • Johnathan Callahan
    • Lee Berry
    • Roger McCann
    • Darrell Reamer
    • Scott Waton
    • Dean Virtue
    • welcome aboard

  2. We had 561 flights this year that is 259 less than last year.

  3. We had 621 motors burned thats 290 less than last year.

  4. We had a total impulse of 27,420.18ns = Contrail O6300.
    That is 20,802.92ns less than last year.

  5. We had 2 new L1 certs Phil Stevens and Joe Simon.

Tenure Accomplishments

  1. Increased Treasury 1300% (Since 2005)

  2. 90% of our members are now certified.

  3. First Regional Sport launch in Kentucky.

  4. Monthly launches year round.

  5. Dealt with FAA and KAZC. Obtained proper waviers and permits.

  6. Aquired vendors and sponsors for our events.

  7. Club purchased launch system.

  8. Became TRA section #130.

  9. First regional NAR competition in Kentucky.

  10. First CAP launch and rocket school in Kentucky.

  11. Obtained highest waiver ever in Kentucky.

  12. Worked with LEX to obtain new wavier in their air space.

  13. 1st HPR team in Kentucky.

Moving forward:

  1. Conduct the First research launch in Kentucky.

  2. Get the group involved in team/NARTREK/ competition.

  3. Hold/Mentor build sessions for team and competition events.

  4. Hold/Mentor L2 tutor sessions.

  5. Officially Incorporate Club By-Laws.

  6. Hold First Officer Elections in 2010.

  7. Motor Mixing Classes.

  8. Multiple and better Launch Sites.

  9. Club Sponser Three NAR Competition Events in 2009.

  10. Develop Database for BRS records.

I think great things are in the future for BRS. We will have 3 two day launches in 09',they will also be NAR comp held on those 2 day launches.

2009 Schedule:

We got a great group of guys and gals that always make flying a joy, even when things don't go as planned. I know over the past 4 years, I have learned a lot from the good folks I've flown with, and if some folks learned something from me thats great.

Our next 2 years we are going to have many more 1st's for our club.

Our next launch is at Sims Farm (weather permitting)1-10-09 9-5EST.

We will hold a meeting after the launch to go over the rough draft of our by-laws.

Dues for the year will be due $50. Dues include launch fees for the year.
Non-members will have $8 launch fees, 1st time fliers always free.
Children 16 and under free.

Hope everyone has a safe and Merry Christmas and New Year, and thanks again for letting me serve you.

Darryl Hankes
NAR 84184 L3
TRA 11019 L3