BlueSkies 11 Report
July 12, 2006

Ok folks Saturday's launch had a great turnout. Our club is growing and turnouts are getting better with every launch.

We had one L1 attempt by Nick which was on a good run until at about half way up, the wings shredded and ended what looked like a good flight.

I think every one sacrificed a rocket to the rocket gods in some cases more than one. It turned out to be a really nice afternoon a little windy but I think that's normal for the landfill.

We had a bunch of really great flights ending the day with CJ's crayon on 3-F-20's 2 of the motors lit and was on her way up when the centering ring gave way and went crusie missile on him. I enjoyed the after launch dinner we have a great group of people.

We had 43 flights.
A total of 48 motors were burned with total newtons of 1755 N-S which is equal to a K670.
The break down of motors was:

  • A - 1
  • B - 6
  • C - 15
  • D - 11
  • E - 2
  • F - 9
  • G - 2
  • H - 2
  • Our next launch will be held in lex at MSP on 9-9-06

    Hope to see everyone there.


    First off, I'd like to apologize for the controller problems we experienced for a bit. After spending a bit today checking and tracing wires, it was definitely due to moisture build up. Saturday was the hottest environment it's been used in so far, and with no ventilation, the battery was draining inside the box. I've dried every thing up, and put it through the wringer, with no problems. To rectify the problem, I've drilled a hole in the side of the box, to run the drain tube to the out side. I'm also going to drill some vent holes, and am considering installing a small fan, similar to a power supply or CPU fan, with a thermostat. A fan of that size will draw minimal power from the battery, and shouldn't affect the controller operation. Or, I've seen some solar power fans, for vehicle ventilation, that would probably be even better. I also have new alligator clips to install on the wires, as the current ones are getting in pretty bad shape.
    David Logan
    Thanks for helping me out with the igniters. Looks like the problematic ignition was an omen.