BlueSkies 12 Report
December 09, 2006

What an early Christmas present!
Saturday started out a bit cool with temperatures hovering around 27 at the start of the launch day but warmed up to a nice balmy 45 by the end of the launch day.

As usual Sims Farm has a lot of room for recovery and with a 10K+ waiver you could shoot just about anything as long as you did not mind getting some exercise, avoiding the Blugrass Parkwary, power lines, trees and the river. There is a lot of room for recovery.

SSW winds were nill for the first few hours, increased during the day but were still manageable. (During my launches the winds ranged from 2-7 mph.)

What about the clear blue skies. It was hard NOT to see anything shot into the sky. The clear skies allowed all rockets to be recovered even though several landed a good hike away.


Steve Temple Terry Temple Lee Berry CJ
Dennis Stevens Joe Magginnis Darryl Hawkes


Steven Robert Howard Mike Willis & Son Don Gollahon & Son

Rockets Flown

Double "D" Silver Comet Matrix Mercury Redstone
Outlander G-Force Rattler 7 X-15
Astrobee D Silver Nickel Metor Masher Censory Overload
Da Bomb Cherokee The Sword Boy Scouts of America
Navy SR-71 Amraam 2 Rubicon
Arreaux Screaming Eagle Initiator Red Crayon-3
Purple Crayon Menace Super Big Bertha Magnum
Pegasus 3X Geosat LV Thunderstar Fat Boy JR
Elvis Beechcraft Target Drone Brpadswprd Mavrick
Screamin Mimi Arcas Hawk Zenith 2

Seven rocketeers flew 51 rockets on 62 motors representing three states, KY, IN & OH. In addition to the rocketeers, there were six (6) attendees who enjoyed the launch. Even though it was a wee bit cool we still had a good group attend Blueskies 12.

A total of 62 motors were burned in 8 hours with total newtons of 5991.5 N-S which is equal to an M1850GG motor. Of the 51 rockets launched (that's one rocket every 9.4 minutes) all were recovered (some not in the same condition as prior to launch). But most importantly there were no near misses or incidents. Great Job BluesRocker's.

The break down of motors was:

  • A - 3
  • B - 2
  • C - 16
  • D - 13
  • E - 3
  • F - 8
  • G - 12
  • H - 1
  • I - 2
  • J - 1
  • K - 1
  • after a day of long walks, removing rockets in trees and exceptionally clear skies we all went home with happy memories of the last BluesRocks launch of 2006.

    I had a great time talking to everyone, taking a few pictures, learning some neat stuff, buying stuff from Lee and just plain launching rockets, rockets, rockets!

    I hope everyone can make the next launch and the weather will cooperate so we can all enjoy each other again.

    Till Then

    Well the flyers that showed enjoyed fresh crisp air, clear blue skies,and a great day of flyin with some cool flights. The kids had a great time whether it was flyin rockets or playin in the ice poddles.

    Dennis brought cocoa, a tea kettle and propane burner to heat the water for everyone - which came in handy.
    Thanks Dennis.
    Dennis had Mike Willis and his son come out and check us out.

    Lee brought countless motors again thanks Lee.
    Lee also brought down Steve and his son Terry Temple to fly with us nice to meet you guys. (Nice trailer Steve and thanks for the microwaved popcorn.)

    CJ brought his friend Robert Howard.

    It was nice meetin you all, hope to see you again.

    It turned out to be a great day with 7 flyers we had 51 flghits with 62 motors burned.

    CJ did a little breast reduction on his Double-D as it skipped off the earth to regain altitude. Good thing for cosmetic surgery.

    The weather wasn't bad unless of course you was hangin about 45' in the air tryin to get your rocket out of a tree like me. Leave it to me to be the only one to hit a tree a mile away when I put my Matrix up on a I285R. Great flight and after a couple of long walks and some hot coca (thanks Dennis) I got it back.

    Dennis put a B6 in an Outlander with lawndart results - that rocket needs a D.

    Joe had several great flights out of his G-Force on G80's till he retired it with a chipped fin.
    He launched his Arreaux on an F25 and his Initiator on a G40.

    My Cenosory Overload flew great on a G40 for it's madien voyage.

    Lee got another great flight out of the Sword on an E15.

    Steve put his Boy Scouts of America up on a I315SK great flight the delay failed to fire on cue and he had separation and some zipper action.

    My AMRAAM 2 ripped off the pad on a H165R. CJ also put his up on a F52T. I think mine went a little higher CJ,lol.

    CJ got a great flight out of his Red Crayon with 3-F24W's (last flights of the day). Good one CJ.

    I got a couple clusters off my Fatboy JR. on 3-A10's screamed off the pad, and also had my Super big Bertha rip off the pad for a great flight. (not so great recovery some broke fins) on 4 C6's and 1 D12-5.

    Dennis's Pegasus made another awsome flight on a G80T I love that kit.

    Steve Temple also put a Screaming Eagle up on a K555SK,that i heard from a mile away. By the time i heard it there was nothin left but the wisp of black smoke. Still sounded cool as hell even from a mile away.

    2nd to last flight of the day was Lee with his LOC Magnum on a 54mm CTI J210. WOW and he missed my tree way to go Lee.

    I think everyone had as much fun as I did.
    Steve and his son said they would be back to fly with us again.

    I think everyone that was there would agree Sims Farm was a great way to end the year.

    I've placed the 2 group pictures on yahoo in Sims Farm 2006-12-09.
    If you want the actual jpegs for these so you can crop them and keep the quality, let me know.

    Also put some of the pictures my son, Jared, took. Not bad for his first time using the camera.

    A big thanks to Merlin Missile Solutions for letting my son launch one.

    I'll try to have some of the video ready later this week. I used my other son's video camera and was not used to how it worked.
    Don Gollahon

    Launch Videos

    First flights of my crayons. And my amraam survives a Broken launch lug.

    Our next launch is scheduled for lex at MSP on 1-13-07
    Hope to see everyone there.