BlueSkies 13 Report
February 10, 2007

Well it was a cold morning but by the time we got set up it wasn 't to bad.
Dennis brought the heat, hot cocoa, and dogs. Thanks Dennis
We got our second certification of the year, an L2. Congrats Bryan. Nice Job (and I believe it was 5960').

We had a total of 7 fliers with 37 flights burning 43 motors. Total Impulse was 6620ns which is about equivalent to an AT M1315W motor.

Breakdown of flights by Rocketeer:
Rocketeer   Flights
Darryl Hankes   5
Dennis Stevens   6
Joe Magginnis   13
Drew Conners   5
Lee Berry   1
Jay Berry   3
Bryan Sparkman   4

Breakdown of Motors flown:
Motor Type   # Flown
C   4
D   5
E   5
F   8
G   12
H   2
I   6
J   1

Rockets Flown

AMRAAM 3 Aura Blue Orbit Bullpup
Callisto Coyote 2 D-Arrow Eliminator
Escape Velocity Frankindaddy G-Force Initiator
Intercepter-G Intruder J-Hawk Lance Beta
Mini BBX Mini Magg Nike Apache Onyx
Patriot-18 Patriot-24 Patriot (NCR) Sidewinder (1/2 Scale)
Silver Streak Sky Dancer Sky Writer Snarky
Sparrow Hawk Stinger Taser Tethys
Tiny Pterydactle      

This launch is the first time that it was almost an all composite launch. Only 6 Black Powder motors burned. It made for a great day. I enjoyed myself even with all my carnage.

Drew also passed his written exam and is on his way to L2 (Go Drew)
Sorry about the cases Drew. I've felt your pain.

Lee had a great flight out of his AMRAAM 3. on an H112FJ.

Jay had some cool flights. His 2 stage was cool. His Sidewinder on a G77R was nice. But that Nike Apache on an I300T was awesome.

Bryan had 3 really great flights out of his Escape Velocity with DD on a I357T, I600R, and J350W to 5960' for his L2. Also he had his Mini BBX with an H180W drouge open but the main did not.

Drew got a great flight out of his Aura on a G40W. That thing was gone. His AMRAAM flew nice on a F24W but lost it's cone and drifted away, along with his case.
Frankindaddy had to be there. His Callisto ripped off the pad on an I154FJ for a great flight only to kick the case at about 4K (even with a retainer in place).

Dennis flew his SkyWriter on an AT C6-5W followed up with a D24T for punch. His D-Arrow, Onyx, and Snarky all had great flights on F24Ws even though the Snarky came back with a mean zipper. His Sparrow Hawk had a great flight on a G77R.

Joe put his taser up for maiden voyage on a C6-5. He also put up 3 Patriot missles on D21T, E15W and G80 Roadrunner. All great flights. Love them D21s. I missed the Stinger. Was it recovered? Estimated altitude of 3400' on a E15W. Eliminator went on a F21W. Joe's Lance Beta and Intercepter G ripped off the pad on G80 Roadrunner motors though his Intercepter G popped a fin. Fixable. The G-Force was on a great flight on a G80T but went ballistic. (ouch) Last flight of the day was Joe's Mini-Magg on an I211W. When the motor finally lit off the 3rd igniter try, the delay grain started burning but the motor ignition delayed a few seconds before lift-off. When the motor lit it flew great but fired the ejection charge right at motor burnout. The nosecone separated and popped a fin. Fixable.

Then there was me. My first flight was my Blue Orbit on 3-Ellis Mountain F20s. One motor fired on the hit, a second fired as it cleared the rod for a cool flight but the third failed to fire. So I put it in my J-Hawk for an aerial display you had to see to appreciate. My Coyote 2 looked like one of NASA's test vehicles gone awry on an E15W. My Tiny Pterydactol had a sweet flight on a G79W followed by my Tehys on an I364 Black Max.

OH, I forgot to mention the ambiance. Fort Knox was having target practice with their tanks, so while we were shooting rockets there were sound effects in the background all day which I thought was cool.
Thanks. Everyone had a great time.

Next Launch March 10, 2007 at MSP
See ya there, Darryl

Sat Feb 10, 2007 11:01 pm
Well guys, Had a great time today. Some great flights , some not so great ( that snarky just will not fly without a zipper.) Weather not that bad, nice to have a tent with walls. I think everyone had some kind of missfire today, some really bad ( sorry joe ) some just minor. Good to see all, looking forward to next launch and more stories about rockets. Keep um comin guys it's fun. see yall later
Sat Feb 10, 2007 10:08 pm
Well I can't wait until you get the reports out for today's launch. Congrats go out to Drew for passing his L2 written test and Congrats go out to Bryan Sparkman for passing his L2 test and passing his flight test. Altitude on his rocket was over 5900 ft. WOW! Had a great time and thanks for the Hot Dogs.
Lee Berry.... Merlin Missiles....
Sat Feb 10, 2007 7:15 pm
Well it's always good to get out and shoot some birds with my buds, great to see everyone again.My scratch built Frankendaddy went really well considering only two motors lit, sending it ballistic, maybe another revised model 24mm upgrades on estes kits went well the bullpup went flawless the Amraam lost to the fields after a nosecone seperation, 24mm reload case lost with it and my Callisto took off and had an awesome flight despite the fact the casing kicked, scratch one 38/480....all in all we had some carnage some mine mostly Joe's...but I also passed my L2 exam, so gives me something to work on. hope to see everyone at the next launch so everyone come on out, the weather isn't that bad (thanks to Dennis and the heat and dogs, thanks bro....