BlueSkies 15 Report
July 14, 2007

Well it was a great day to fly rockets.
It started out with just me and joe. About noon more people showed.
We ended up with 10 people 4 in attendance and 6 fliers.
Sorry I forgot the raffle tickets. We'll hold our Wildman raffle on the 11th.

We had 6 flyers with 38 flights and 48 motors burned. That's a flight every 12 minutes.
Total impulse for the day was 906.32 N-S which is equivalent to an EM J148-L 54mm.
Motor break down:

  • 1/4A - 1
  • A - 5
  • B - 7
  • C - 14
  • D - 11
  • E - 4
  • F - 4
  • G - 1

    Name Flights Comments
    Darryl Hankes 12
    1. Star Dart (A8-5) Great flight
    2. Star Fighter (B6-2)
    3. CZ-2E (C6-5) New Apogee kit. Nice scale kit.
    4. Star Fighter (D21-7T) Had 'er whistling.
    5. Frakin Hydra (E6-8 Apogee long burn) Great flight. Not so great ejection.
    6. CZ-2F (C6-5) New Apogee kit. Great Flight.
    7. Arcas (F60-7RR) I almost got a picture of it. Man it's fast off the pad.
    8. Arcas (F22-5FJ) Toast. Casing and inside of model burned.
    9. Maverick (D12-7) Nice lazy roll at burnout.
    10. Maverick (Chad staged D12-0/D12-7) Way cool flight. After 1st motor burnout she started her roll then the 2nd lit and she was in a high G barrel roll and servived. I meant to do that.
    11. Green Ripper (Chad staged A10-0/A10-3) Awesome.
    12. SR-71 (C6-5 & 2xA10P) Not so awesome.
    CJ Kendrick 10
    1. RPG (C6-5) Dart.
    2. Purple Crayon (G80-4RR) Great Flight till tree. Thanks Chad for the awesome recovery.
    3. Hornet (B6-4) Good one.
    4. Monarch (B6-4)
    5. Paresay (C6-5)
    6. AV-13 (D12-3) That was a good flight, CJ.
    7. AV-1 (C5-3) I missed that one.
    8. Strong Arm (F23-4F Blackened
    9. AV-13 (C6-3 & 2xD12-7) It almost worked. Way Cool.
    10. Spaceship One (C5-3)
    Mike Kordik 7
    1. Praetor (C6-5) Havin fun now.
    2. Stretch Big Bertha (C11-5) Nice Flight.
    3. Thunder Star (B6-4) I like that new motor great flight
    4. Super Scimitar (D12-0) Saucer?
    5. Weasel (F24W) Great flight.
    6. Richter Recker (4xD12-3) Love a good cluster.
    7. Flechatte 60P (D12)
    Joe Magginnis 6
    1. Vertigo (B6-4) Maiden flight. Nice flight
    2. Ruthless (B6-4) Maiden flight. Gettin Better.
    3. Puma modified (1/4A3-3) Way cool.
    4. Eliminator (E9-6) DUCK
    5. Mean Machine 2 (E9-6) Low and slow
    6. Cheetah (E16-4W) Didn't act like a white lighting.
    Don Filmer 2
    1. Hellcat (C6-7) Great flight.
    2. Hellcat (C6-7) Great flight.
    Jacob Kordik 2
    1. Friskelion (B6-4) Great flight.
    2. Friskelion (C6-5) Great flight.

    Others in attendance were:

    We ended about 5:00.

    Had a great time. It was good to meet all the new folks. Hope everyone had a great time.

    Next launch 8-11-07 Landfill E-Town 9-5 EST
    See ya there.

    END 7/21/07 END