BlueSkies 17 Report
September 08, 2007

Great day of flying.I had a great time and it was great to meet all the new folks.
Dallas Daech became a new member.
Welcome aboard Dallas.

Fliers and their birds:

We had 12 fliers with 68 flights and 81 motors burned.
That's a flight every 5 to 6 minutes.
Total impulse for the day was 3129.1 ns which is equivalent to about a 75MM AMW L777WW.

Motor break down:

  • A - 1
  • B - 14
  • C - 33
  • D - 9
  • E - 7
  • F - 8
  • G - 4
  • H - 4
  • I - 0
  • J - 1

    Name Flights Comments
    Joe Simon 16
    1. Snitch (C6-0) 1st flight.
    2. Cosmic Cobra (B6-2).
    3. Cosmic Cobra (B6-4).
    4. Cosmic Cobra (D21-4T) Them D21's is some hot motors.
    5. Red Baron (B4-2)Great flight.
    6. Red Baron (B4-4)Great flight.
    7. Red Baron (C6-3)Great flight.
    8. Air Show (B6-2) Cool gliders.
    9. Air Show (C6-3) Cool gliders.
    10. Espresso 2-stage (B6-0/A3-4T).
    11. Dart Tuber (D12-0/D12-7) Cool.
    12. Duces Wild (C6-7x2) Nice Rocket.
    13. Drake (D12-5) Don't recall this ones.
    14. Wacky Wiggler (C6-3) Neat.
    15. Orbital Transport (C6-3) Cool flight.
    16. Vertigo (C6-3) Good flight.
    Charlie Honist 10
    1. Golith (3xB6-4) Thats a nice kit.
    2. Port-O-Potty 24MM (E9-6) it was on the run.
    3. Port-O-Potty 24MM (E9-6) it was on the run.
    4. ? (G71R) Anyone?.
    5. Dual Moon (C6-5) Nice flight.
    6. Hawkeye (C6-5) Nice rocket.
    7. Weasel (F45-8RR) Rippin motor in a rippin rocket.
    8. Ku Fa Pyramid (D12-3) Cool.
    9. Scimitar G33FJ) Long burn motors are just too cool.
    10. Venus Probe (D21T) Definately needs a D.
    Jacob Elkins 8
    1. Max Trax (C6-3) How high did it go?
    2. Fat Boy (C6-3) Nice.
    3. Fat Boy (C6-3) Nice.
    4. Baby Bertha (B6-4) Flight 1.
    5. Baby Bertha (B6-4) Flight 2.
    6. Baby Bertha (B6-4) Flight 3.
    7. Baby Bertha (B6-4) Flight 4.
    8. Baby Bertha (C6-3) Tryin to wear it out.
    Joe Magginnis 8
    1. Patrick's Saucer (H123W) Way cool.
    2. Initiator (G80-10RR) Whiplash.
    3. Sumo (G77-10R) Nice flight Good Red Color.
    4. Barracuda (F25-9W) Joe Says thanks for huntin that one down CJ
    5. Mustang (F60-10RR) Man them motors come to pressure fast.
    6. Sumo (G80-10RR) Nice flight even though Chute & Nose Separated.
    7. Cheetah (F23-7J) Really great flight.
    8. Cheetah Twice (F42-4T) Really great flight.
    Darryl Hankes 6
    1. Hollows eve (3xC6-7) Great flight.
    2. Fat Boy (C6-7x7) Awesome flight popped 2 fins on landing. Streamer got caught in NC.
    3. Maverick (E6-6) Love them Apogee long burn motors.
    4. Tiny Pteradactyl( F45-5RR) Dems some good motors too.
    5. Gizmo (J440BB) Always exciting when a FWD closure lets go. she'll fly again.
    6. Target Drone (C6-5) Nice last flight.
    CJ Kendrick 5
    1. Galactic Wave (D21-7T) Cool kit.
    2. Canadian Arrow (F24-7W) Haulin the mail.
    3. Satellite Intercepter (E9-6) Nice CJ.
    4. Spaceship One (C6-5) This one actually flew nice.
    5. Heatseeker (C6-7) And this one was a drag race. CJ did you ever find the seeker.
    Zach Elkins 4
    1. Fat Boy (C6-3) Nice flight.
    2. Alpha (B6-4) Always a good flier.
    3. Lil Nuke (E9-6) Great flights Zach.
    4. Lil Nuke (E9-6) Great flights Zach.
    Belinda Magginnis 4
    1. Screaming Eagle (C6-5) Great maiden voyage, Belinda.
    2. Patriot 18 (C6-3) Sweet.
    3. Eliminator (E9-4) No tree this time.
    4. Arreaux (F23-5J) Another great flight.
    Dallas Daech 3
    1. Snitch (C6-0) Great job Dallas.
    2. Snitch (C6-0) Great job Dallas.
    3. Snitch (C6-0) Great job Dallas.
    Randy Elkins 2
    1. Endevour (H180W) Great kit both and flights.
    2. Endevour (H180W) Great kit both and flights.
    Rodney McMillin 2
    1. Loyal to none (H242T) Them damn trees. Sorry Rodney.
    2. V-2 (D12-7) Great flight
    Matthew Kendrick 1
    1. Blue Ninja (D12-3) What no E.

    Had a great time. It was good to meet all of you. Hope everyone had a great time.

    Our next launch is our big shoe Bluegrass Blast 07'.
    I need everyone to help out this year. Last year we only had about 5 of us doin everything.
    Our group is much larger now and we need the extra help.

    Bluegrass Blast 07

    October 13th & 14th, 2007
    Saturday 9:00am - 5:00pm EST Sport/Competition
    Saturday 6:00pm - 9:00pm EST LMR nite launch after the pig roast and raffle.
    Sunday 9:00am - 5:00pm EST Sport/Competition

    Hope to see everyone there.

    Watch the site for BB07 updates.
    See ya there.

    END 9/13/07 END