BlueSkies 18 Report
November 10, 2007

Well we could not have asked for much better weather for November.
We had almost no wind to speak of, clear blue skies, mild temps, and a great group of rocketeers.

Fliers and their birds:

We had 9 fliers with 50 flights and 53 motors burned.
That's a flight every 5 to 6 minutes.
Total impulse for the day was 3139.1 ns which is equivalent to about a 75MM AMW L777WW.

Motor break down:

  • A - 1
  • B - 2
  • C - 20
  • D - 6
  • E - 8
  • F - 6
  • G - 5
  • H - 2
  • I - 2
  • J - 1

    Name Flights Comments
    Belinda Magginnis 9
    1. Snitch (C6-0) 1st flight.
    2. Screaming Eagle (C5-3) Good job on that rocket Belinda.
    3. Optima (D12-3) Ouch. Engine CATO.
    4. UFO 51 (C6-0) Cool Saucer flight.
    5. Stinger (B6-4) Nice Flight.
    6. Eliminator (E9-6) It'll be back.
    7. Orbital Transport (B6-2) They still make B's?
    8. Mean Machine (E9-6) CRASH.
    9. SR-71 Blackbird (C6-3) Nice flight.
    Cris Fry 8
    1. Black Brant VB (F50-6T).
    2. Black Brant VB (F50-6T).
    3. Baby Bertha (C6-7) Good motor for that rocket.
    4. Fat Boy (D12-5) cool.
    5. V-2 (G80-4RR) Now were talkin.
    6. Onyx (F42-8T) Nice little motor.
    7. 1/4 Scale Nike Smoke (G104T) A bit under-powered.
    8. 1/4 Scale Nike Smoke (H128W) L1 Cert.
    Darryl Hankes 8
    1. Tiny Pteradayctol (F60-7RR) Solid flight.
    2. Maverick (E6-8) Love those Apogee motors.
    3. Phoenix (F40-7W) Great Flight.
    4. Phoenix (G80-7RR) Great Flight.
    5. Hollows Eve (3xC6-3) One of my scratch builds that actually fly.
    6. Tethys (I117FJ) Soda pop = little zip.
    7. Rix (I220SK) Well you know me gotta blow up at least one.
    8. J-Hawk (J570W) What can I say Darryl=Power.
    CJ Kendrick 6
    1. AMRAAM 2 (G64-7W) Nice flight CJ.
    2. Pathfinder (D12-5) Cool.
    3. Canadian Arrow (D12-3) Now retired.
    4. Starfighter (C6-5) I got one dem.
    5. Trident (C5-3) Always a good lookin rocket.
    6. Argosa (C6-5) Sweet.
    Patrick Peterson 5
    1. IR-1 (D12-3) Cool flight.
    2. IR-1 (E9-4) Competition Practice.
    3. ER-1 (D12-3) Awsome copter Patrick.
    4. Unmaned Rocket Glider (C6-3)Blue Angel Practice Flight.
    5. Unmaned Rocket Glider (C6-3)Throttle full power.
    Dallas Daech 4
    1. AGM-88 (C6-3) Nice flight Dallas.
    2. ? (C6-3) This is the name of the rocket '?'.
    3. Patriot (C6-3)Good flight.
    4. Black Rocket (C6-3)Cool.
    Desiree Magginnis 4
    1. Big Daddy (E9-6) Or was that Big Momma. Her 1st build and 1st flight.
    2. Big Daddy (E9-6) Bright Pink Paint.
    3. Big Daddy (E9-6) With Glitter Stars and stripes.
    4. Duces Wild (C6-3x2) Cool bird. Last flight of the day.
    Joe Magginnis 4
    1. Initiator (F50-6T) Good goin Joe.
    2. JackHammer (H123W) Whiplash. Proxy fight for Matt.
    3. Big Dawg (A8-3) Sure was an impressive flight right after Darryl's J570W).
    4. Arreaux (G33-5J) And she's gone - outa here.
    Jeromie Magginnis 2
    1. Big Bertha (C6-3) Always a great flying rocket.
    2. Sky Writer (E9-6) That'll put an eye out.

    I had a great time. Can't wait to cut loose at the farm Dec. 8 9-5 EST.

    We are doing a Christmas theme launch.
    The most Christmasy rocket will win a free year of dues.
    Only members paid up to date will be eligable.
    Mark I need an updated list.

    Drew I plan on puttin up my J-Hawk on a K550W, want'a drag?

    See those that make it next month at the farm.(Not Bob's)

    END 11/11/07 END