BlueSkies 19 Report
January 12, 2008

Our 1st official flight for the year 2008.
What a great day to fly rockets. We had a great turnout for the first launch of the year.
Winds were low and temps up.

Fliers and their birds:

We had 11 fliers with 72 flights and 85 motors burned.
That's a flight every 6 to 7 minutes.
Total impulse for the day was 3274.58ns which is equivalent to about a 75MM AMW L777WW.

Motor break down:

  • 1/4A - 4
  • A - 9
  • B - 8
  • C - 23
  • D - 19
  • E - 6
  • F - 4
  • G - 9
  • H - 1
  • I - 0
  • J - 1

    Name Flights Comments
    Jeff deDomins 11
    1. Nike K (C6-7) Nice flight.
    2. No Name (C11-3) Great flight.
    3. No Name (D12-5) Great flight.
    4. No Name (E9-6) Great flight.
    5. Green Hornet (G64-4W) Great flight once we got it lie.
    6. Army Hawk (A8-3) Cool.
    7. V-2 (D12-5) Both great flights.
    8. V-2 (D12-5) Both great flights.
    9. Loc Stove 4 (2x D12-P and 2x E9-6) All 4 motors lit great flight.
    10. Onyx (G64-10W) Nice flight.
    11. Black Brant II (D12-3) I like that kit.
    It was good to meet you
    Jonathan Callahan 10
    1. Prowler (B6-2) Two good flights.
    2. Prowler (B6-6) Two good flights.
    3. Quick Silver (C6-3).
    4. Quick Onyx (G71-4R) needed the longer delay.
    5. Quick Onyx (G80-7T) Good flight.
    6. Loc IV (F60-7RR) Nice.
    7. Flat Cat Boost Glider (B4-2) .
    8. Flat Cat Boost Glider (C6-3) C ya.
    9. Speed freak (C6-3) 195MPH.
    10. SR-71 (C6-3) Drag w/ Dallas don't remember who won.
    New member welcome aboard
    Dennis Stevens 10
    1. D-Squared (D12-7x2) Geat flight.
    2. Acme Spitfire (D12-3) It really does fly.
    3. Acme Spitfire (D12-3) Flyin Stove pipe.
    4. Airshow (C6-3) Crash and burn.
    5. Rock-It (D12-3) Drag w/ Phil (Winner).
    6. Merv Griffin (A10-0x4 to 1/4A3-3tx4) Cool rocket.
    7. Eliminator (E9-6) Great flight.
    8. Banito (A10-3t) Dennis's late Christmas rocket loop da loop
    9. Neon (G80-7RR) Awsome flight
    10. Silver Comet (D12-7) Sweet.
    Dues paid, thanks Dennis
    Dallas Daech 7
    1. Eagle (C6-5) Great flight.
    2. Cosmic Cobra (C6-5) Always cool.
    3. ? (C6-7) ?.
    4. SR-71 (C6-3) Drag w/ Jonathan.
    5. Der Red Max (C6-3) Love that rocket.
    6. Bullpup (D12-5) Awsome flight.
    7. Scratch (C6-7) Nice.
    Zach Elkins 7
    1. Commanche 3 single stage (B6-4) Good flight.
    2. va Condor(C6-5) 1st flight in 6 years.
    3. ACritte (D12-7) Maiden flight.
    4. Sprint (F60-4RR) Good flight.
    5. Sprint (G64-4W) Good follow-up motor and flights.
    6. Comanche 3 2-stage (C6-0 to C6-7) Lawn dart.
    7. Eliminator (D12-7) Nice flight.
    Jack Stewart 7
    1. Cyclime 3 (D12-5) Good flight.
    2. Wac Corporal (B6-0 to A8-3) Gap staged cool.
    3. Mean Machine (E9-6) Nice and slow.
    4. Custom Serval (C6-5) Sweet.
    5. Custom Serval (D24-7T) Screaming.
    6. Assram (F12-5J) Cooooooool.
    7. Wac Corporal (A8-3) Core sample.
    Philip Stevens 6
    1. Port-a-Pot Shot (C6-3) Separation.
    2. Loc IV (H180W) Cert flight great flight.
    3. Party Hat (E(9-6) A little to much partying.
    4. Rock-It (D12-3) Drag Race with Dennis (Phil lost sorry Phil).
    5. Crap Shooter (G80-10RR)
    6. New Years baby flight (G80-7RR) Winner congrats Phil.
    Our first cert of the year and new member. Congrats and welcome aboard.
    Jacob Elkins 4
    1. Fat Boy (C6-3) A solid flyer.
    2. Eagle (B6-4 Maiden) Great flight.
    3. Eagle (C6-3) Great flight.
    4. Baby Bertha (B6-4) Good Rocket.
    Darryl Hankes 4
    1. Saturn V (D10-7) Houston what happened?.
    2. Hopi Dart (G80-10RR) My rockets must taste good, because the trees sure do love eating them.
    3. Tiny Pteradactyol (F45-5RR) Finally A good flight.
    4. J-Hawk (J380SS) New years baby flight,Good till I drapped the power lines.
    Baylen Stewart 2
    1. Wizard (B6-4) Baylen's first rocket. Great job. Baylen.
    2. Tidal Wave (C6-5) Great follow-up.
    Mark Thompson 1
    1. Honest John (D12-3) Spectacular.

    Randy Elkins also paid his dues, thanks Randy. No flights Randy?

    We had a great group of folks to fly with.

    Phil, thanks for the doughnuts and chips.
    Jack, Phil, Randy, Jonathan, and Dennis thanks for helping with clean up.

    I'm gonna try and get in the farm on the 26th.

    Next months launch will be on the 9th 9-5 EST.

    Valintines day is the theme:

    1. Must be the colors of the day (ie Pink)
    2. More than 1 motor either staged or clustered
    3. Chute duration.
    4. Prize TBD

    Stay tuned to the web site for schedule updates.

    See all next launch.
    Thanks to all that came out and supported the club.


    END 01/18/08 END