BlueSkies 25 Report
November 08, 2008

We had a good turn out today. The wind stayed in the mid to upper teens all day. Good rocket chasing weather and we were chasing them.

We had 12 fliers with 73 flights and 83 motors burned.
Only 10 of those were AP. We had a total impulse of 1517.3ns which is about a AT K695R.

Motor breakdown:

  • A - 37
  • B - 4
  • C - 25
  • D - 6
  • E - 2
  • F - 5
  • G - 2
  • H - 2
  • I - 0
  • J - 0

    Flyers and their Birds
    Name Flights Comments
    Joe Magginnis 21
    1. Big Dawg (A8-3).
    2. Big Dawg (A8-3).
    3. Big Dawg (A8-3).
    4. Big Dawg (A8-3).
    5. Big Dawg (A8-3).
    6. Big Dawg (A8-3).
    7. Big Dawg (A8-3).
    8. Big Dawg (A8-3).
    9. Big Dawg (A8-3).
    10. Big Dawg (A8-3) The Dawg got a workout.
    11. Sky Hawker (A8-3).
    12. Sky Hawker (A8-3).
    13. Sky Hawker (A8-3).
    14. Sky Hawker (A8-3).
    15. Sky Hawker (A8-3).
    16. Sky Hawker (A8-3) Are there any feathers left?
    17. Venture (A8-3).
    18. Venture (A8-3) Only Twice?
    19. Yellow Jacket (A8-3).
    20. Fiesta (A8-3).
    21. Golden Scout (A8-3) Joe,got any A's?
    Darryl Hankes 18
    1. Call Me a Cab (C6-7) Great flight.
    2. Bandit (A8-5).
    3. Red Storm (B6-4).
    4. Red Storm (C6-7).
    5. Heat Seeker (C6-5).
    6. Fat boy (C6-3).
    7. Legacy (F20-7W).
    8. Take a Hike Nike (C6-5).
    9. Fat Boy jr. (3xA10-3t).
    10. Metallic Stranger (D12-5) CATO.
    11. Star Master (4xA10-PT in outboards and a A3-4T in the core). Only 3 motors lit and sent it for a loop-de-loop.
    12. Mr.Crowley (E15-7W) Separation.
    13. Tiny Pteradactyl (F20-7W) Lawn dart Little duct tape.
    14. Tiny Pteradactyl (G80-10RR).
    15. Diablo (G79-7W).
    16. Webbed (F60-10RR) Lawn dart.
    17. Cheetah (F45-8RR).
    18. Cheetah (F14- 6J) Fire,Spit,Chuff, Chuff,It' s off and it's a Grass eater.
    Darrell Reamer 9
    1. Spoonbill (C6-3).
    2. Tube Tango (3xC6-5) Stormtrooper on own chute.
    3. Tube Tango (D12-7) Paratrooper on own chute.
    4. Nothing to hide (D12-0/C6-3) Cool rocket.
    5. Tomahawk (C6-3).
    6. Princess (C6-3) Sure is pretty.
    7. Nothing to Hide (C6-5) Did I mention cool rocket?
    8. 35mm Alien (A10-3t) I still haven't seen that rocket fly.
    9. Outlaw (C6-5).
    Dennis Stevens 7
    1. Stormcaster (C11-3) Nice motor.
    2. Kraken (D12-5) One cool tube fin rocket.
    3. Ruskie (B6-4).
    4. Air Show (C6-3) Always a crowd pleaser.
    5. Sky Writer (C6-7) Thanks CJ.
    6. Mephisto (B6-4) Scratch Really cool.
    7. Al's Red (E9-4) Gone with the wind,Sorry Dennis I know that rocket ment alot to you.
    Jack Stewart 7
    1. Scratch (C6-5) "Scieptor"
    2. Bullpup 12D (C6-5) Oldie & a Goodie.
    3. Custom Fiesta (A8-3) Drag race with Linda.
    4. Mirage (D12-5) 1st flight; AKA Hallow Wing; Sweet.
    5. WAC Corparol (C6-5).
    6. WAC Corparol (C6-5) Upper stage only; destroyed lower stage earlier this season.
    7. (OOP) Poison Arrow (D12-3) Last for today (For Jack).
    Belinda Magginnis 4
    1. Yellow Bird (B6-4) Cool bird.
    2. F-22 (C6-5) Great flight.
    3. F-22 (C6-5) Great flight.
    4. Festia (A8-3) Drag race with Jack .
    Joe Simon 4
    1. Stealth (A10-3T).
    2. Scimitor (A10-3T) I see a pattern here.
    3. Pyramid (A10-3T).
    4. MR-1 (H242T) L1 cert Whiplash. CONGRATULATIONS: Joe Simon completed his L1 Certification. L2 next month?
    CJ Kendrick 1
    1. Bomarc (H180W) Sweet flight; kicked the motor. I feel your pain CJ. There's a good possability that I can get you another one.
    Aven Reamer 1
    1. Screaming for vengence (A10-3T) It was a screaming. Good job.
    Kaeda Reamer 1
    1. Sierra (C6-3) Awsome job.
    Thaelen Reamer 1
    1. Fire Hose (C6-3) Cool name and cool rocket. Great job.

    Had a great day with all.

    Our next launch will be December 13, 2008 9-5 EST at Simms Farm.
    22K wavier.

    Stay tuned to the web site for schedule updates.

    See all then. Our next meeting will be in Jan.


    END 11/09/08 END