BlueSkies 27 Report
January 18, 2009

It was a great day to launch. Winds were not bad temps were decent.

The Daech family came out to watch. It was good to see Doug, Julie, and Dallas out again.
Darrell Reamer showed up to watch for a little bit.

We had 8 fliers, 36 flights, and 44 motors burned for a total impulse of 4688.6ns, which is a little more than a AT L952W.

Motor breakdown:

  • 1/2A-3
  • A - 2
  • B - 1
  • C - 10
  • D - 7
  • E - 0
  • F - 2
  • G - 8
  • H - 7
  • I - 3
  • J - 1

    Flyers and their Birds
    Name Flights Comments
    Joe Simon 12
    1. Area 51 Spev (C6-0) Drag race with Joe Magginnis.
    2. Lil Lunar Express (H123W) Great flight nose cone seperation.
    3. 36 D Squared (2xD12-3) Double CATO OUCH.
    4. Blue Birdie (1/2A3-4t) Nice.
    5. Lucky Seven (A10-3t) Cool kit.
    6. Tinee (1/2A3-4t) Sweet.
    7. Pie in the Sky (B6-4) Pizza anyone.
    8. Silver Hawk (1/2A-4t) Crash and burn.
    9. Scissor Wing (C6-5) Rock Paper Scissors.
    10. Cool Spool(F60-4RR) It flew.
    11. Cool Spool (G76-4G) Chute seperation.
    12. MR-1 (H123W) Kicked the case,but found it.
    13. Shrike "B"(E9-8) Awsome flight.
    Joe Magginnis 5
    1. UFO 51 (C6-0) Drag race with Joe Simon,
    2. Warthog (G77R) Separation due to Nose Blow. Zippered to engine mount.
    3. Cowabunga (G67R) Jumped off the pad.
    4. Cowabunga (G61W) Nice lazy flight.
    5. Cowabunga (H123W) COWABUGA.
    Dennis Stevens 5
    1. Sparrow Hawk (G80-7T) The Hawk was screaming.
    2. Excel (I357T) And the thunder rolls (Albert was watching).
    3. Callisto (H128W) Great kit Hard landing.
    4. Neon (H128W) Hard on the eyes.
    5. Yellow Tip (G64-7W) Cool.
    Belinda Magginnis 4
    1. Raven (H112FJ) Beautiful flight.
    2. Mega Baron (D12-5) CATO. Blew Nose.
    3. Mega Baron (D12-5) Repaired flew great.
    4. Mega Baron (D12-5) Crash and burn.
    Andrew Connors 3
    1. Silver Hawk (A10-3t) Crash and burn.
    2. Exocet (2xD12-3) Great flight.
    3. Goblin (I115W) Short but Sweeet.
    Darryl Hankes 3
    1. AMRAAM 2 (G64-7W) 1st Flight of the day.
    2. Coyote (F40-7W) Crash and burn.
    3. Hydra 7 (7xC6-7) They all lit amazing.
    CJ Kendrick 2
    1. Hydra (I212SS) Great flight.
    2. G3 (J315R) Screamed off the pad Main failed to deploy It will fly again.
    Jack Stewart 2
    1. V-2 (H128W) Nice flight hard landing.
    2. ISIS (G64-7W) Last flight of the day.

    Our next launch is at Sims Farm February 14, 2009 9-5 EST.
    22K wavier.

    Golf ball loft will be our special event,so bring your balls.

    Also don't forget we are having a NAR open meet in March. Details to follow.

    Stay tuned to the web site for schedule updates.

    See all in Feb.


    END 01/21/09 END