BlueSkies42 Report
July 17, 2010

Cloudy skies, winds from the east and lower humidity made for a good launch day. The temperatures started out at a plesant low 78 with slight winds but heated up to a swelting 93 and higher winds. Lots of water and shade was the call for the day. The warm and humid weather wore a few of us out that we ended the launch early.

We had 4 fliers with 22 flights and 30 motors burned (36 attempted). The total impulse was 752.8 N-sec.(Contrail J333) .

Motor breakdown:

  • 1/8A - 0
  • 1/4A - 4
  • 1/2A - 0
  • A - 7
  • B - 4
  • C - 13
  • D - 2
  • E - 0
  • F - 1
  • G - 1
  • H - 2
  • I - 0
  • J - 0
  • K - 0
  • L - 0

    Flyers and their Birds.
    Name Flights Comments
    Darryl Hankes 9
    1. Hollows Eve (C6-7x3) Beautiful straight flight with all engines igniting.
    2. MD18L (C6-7) Scratch Built. Nice Flight. Altitude over 1200 feet.
    3. MD18M (B6-6) Scratch Built. Nice Flight. Altitude over 600 feet.
    4. MD18M (A8-5) Scratch Built. Nice Flight. Altitude over 250 feet.
    5. Monument (C6-3) Scratch built square model that flew great.
    6. SB518 (A8-5x2, B4-4x2, C6-7). First Flight: Flight landed near the baseball fields in the grass between the parking lots near a couple of cars south of the launch area due to ignition of only the A8-3 and C6-7 motors.
    7. SB518 (A8-5x2, B4-4x2, C6-7) Nice color on this model. Second Flight: Lawn Dart due to ignition of only the 2 B-4's. Model sustained minor damage but will not be able to fly again today. The model requires repair.
    8. SBMD513 (1/4A3-3T) Another of Darryl's beautifully painted models that flew great and recovered on a parachute.
    9. Twister (C6-3) Great straight flight with a spiralling smoke trail causing a corkcrew effect.
    Joe Magginnis 8
    1. 38mm Saucer (G69N-P) A single grain Aerotech Warp 9 End Burner that burned for 2 seconds. After the thrust phase the model went into an end over end spin. After the saucer hit the ground the smoke grain ignited. The model sustained some cracks to the underbelly. It is repairable and could fly without a repair if flown with a lower impulse motor
    2. Big Dawg.(D10-7) Good straight high flight. The sustainer separated from the Nose Cone and Streamer section due to the shock cord pulling from the shock cord mount. Maybe the D10 had too much ejection charge and caused the separation. The Nose cone and 6" x 60" bright orange streamer were recovered but the sustainer was lost. So ends the saga of the Estes Big Dawg model rocket.
    3. Snitch (C6-0) Nice Flight. First flight of the day. Had trouble iginting the model due to a weak battery. Ignition occurred after switching igintion battery.
    4. Dragonite (B6-4) Great flight. Model was launched by Josh who was watching us before his game started and helped Joe, another spectator recovered the model which was on a 12" red parachute on the east side of the office building and just missing the roof.
    5. Sonic Boom (A8-3) Nice Flight. Not too long of a flight due to the low impulse A motor. Easy walk north of the launch site. The model was brought down with a 12 " red cloth chute.
    6. SkyDive (C6-3) Nice Flight. Had a bit of a walk for this recovery (12" red cloth chute was used).
    7. Metalizer (C6-5) Last flight of the day. Model was recovered east of the launch area on a 6x60" orange cloth streamer.
    8. Sky Trax (C6-3) This is Matt's model and it had a nice Flight. It was recovered on a 16" red cloth parachute and landed ontop of the hill NE of the launch site.
    Ed Seward 3
    1. Der Red Max x 2.5 upscale (H165) Great lift-off Straight flight. Ejection charge blew after model was decending. The chute was slightly deflated as the model hit it and then recovered and brought the model down a little fast. It sustained some damage. The upper rail button was pushed into the PML plastic body tube and one of the fin fillets was broken. If the sustainer tube is not compromised the model can be repaired with a minimum amount of work.
    2. Goblin (C11-6) Nice Flight. The C11 put the model up there. Model recovered just a little east of the launch site.
    3. Renegarde D (D12-5) Great Flight. Model was launched by Joe, one of the baseball kids who was watching with Josh and the coach. Both Joe and Josh recovered the model just over the hill NE of the launch site. It was the first time either baseball player had physically launched a model rocket. The coach commented it made their day no matter what happens at their games. It felt good to pay forward.
    Jeff Caldwell 2
    1. Miranda (H73J) Great flight. Nice black smoky trail. It took a while to recover the model but there was no damage and it would be ready for flight again.
    2. Stovi (F52-8T). Great flight.

    It was a long fun day for all who could make the launch. We had some great flights and some spectactular landings. Only a few models were damaged but all could be repaired. Other than my lost Big Dawg sustainer nothing else was lost.

    After tearing down the launch site, Darryl and I left the launch area around 4:25 pm with a day filled with rocket memories, tired rocketeers, two happy baseball players and a new member. Bill Morrman teaches high school chemistry joined yesterday and hopefully we can help him use rocketry to make his chemistry classes more exciting. Welcome to the Bluegrass Rocketry Society. We hope to see more of you and your class at our launches. Thanks for helping to pay forward.

    Jeff, it was great seeing you and it was a super pleasure to have your company at our July launch. Come and fly with us again. You held up to the heat and humidity quite well. Your knowledge of the sport is impressive and good luck on your saturn project. You have spent a lot of time on it. If you launch it somewhere else I hope you get pictures or movies of the flight so we can see it. Better yet launch it with us sometime. Hope to see you in August.

    Darryl, Thanks for you support with the club and vending. You expend a lot of engery and it is greatly appreciated. Hope things go good with you and your family and will see you at the August launch if not sooner. Take Care.

    Our next launch is a scheduled for August 7, 2010 at ADC Park between 10 - 5. Hope to see ya all then.

    Stay tuned to the Bluegrass Rocketry Society web site for launch schedule updates.

    See you there.

    Joe Magginnis

    END 7/18/2010 END