BlueSkies45 Report
November 13, 2010

The day started out with mostly clear skies and winds from the South at about 8 - 15 mpr. The temperatures started out at a plesant low 64 and heated up to a 77. The winds gusted to 18 later in the afternoon.

We had 4 fliers with 30 flights and 36 motors burned. The total impulse was 958 N-sec.(Gorilla J167WC) .

Motor breakdown:

  • 1/8A - 0
  • 1/4A - 1
  • 1/2A - 0
  • A - 5
  • B - 3
  • C - 13
  • D - 4
  • E - 4
  • F - 3
  • G - 3
  • H - 0
  • I - 0
  • J - 0
  • K - 0
  • L - 0

    Flyers and their Birds.
    Name Flights Comments
    Joe Magginnis 11
    1. Snitch (B6-0) .
    2. Snitch (C6-0).
    3. Flying Umbrella (D12-3) Maiden Flight. Hard to fly against the wind. Altitude about 50 feet..
    4. Big Betty (E9-6) Lost Nose Cone.
    5. Rocket 5 (D12-5) Broke a fin.
    6. Goliath (3xA8-3) Only 2 Ignited. Broke 2 of 4 fins on landing.
    7. BatRay (F45-6) Recovered two fence rows north of park. Thanks Jon for the recovery.
    8. Whiplash (B6-4) .
    9. Spin Control (C6-3 Quest) 24 revolutions in 16.73 seconds. First Time For reading.
    10. Patriot 18 (C6-3 Quest) Great straight flight.
    11. Seeker (C6-3 Quest) .
    Darryl Hankes 0
    1. Monumental (1/4A3-3T) Not enought Thrust. Ejection after landing. Damage to body tube.
    2. Star Dart (A8-5) Nice flight. Lawn Dart due to no engine ejection.
    3. Pink Parriot (B4-4) .
    4. Mach 12 (C6-5) A lot of altitude with this combination.
    5. Cluster Buster (D11P & 4xC6-7) Only the C6 motors ignited leaving the model underpowered.
    6. Bertha D (D15-7) .
    7. Silver Bullet (E11-3) .
    8. Fat Boy (F240 CTI) Got off the pad quickly. Good height.
    9. MD39M (G78BS CTI) A good flight.
    Jeff Caldwell 7
    1. LTV Scout (C6-3) Nice straight flight. Good height.
    2. Honest John (F22-5) Nice slow lift off. Lifted up sort of sideways.
    3. SST Shuttle (C6-3) Great flight. Lost glider in weed patch North of the pads.
    4. Stovi (G64-8W) Good straight sideways flight.
    5. Black Brant (E9-6) Nice straight high flight. Landed in edge of weeds North West of Pads.
    6. Onyx (E23-5) Good Flight.
    7. Miranda (G138-7T) Good height. Model landed in field East of park and required additional help to recover from irate neighbor who was an pain in the butt.
    Jon Owens 3
    1. Outlaw (C6-5) Good flight.
    2. Smmit (A10-3T) Great straight flight with a lot of altitude.
    3. Outlaw (C6-5) Another great flight. Landed near the wooded area North of Park

    It was a long fun day for all who could make the launch. We had some great flights and some spectactular landings. Only a few models were damaged mostly Darryl and Joe's. No rockets were lost but several tried to get lost.

    After tearing down the launch site, the last of us left the launch area around 5:00 pm with a day filled with rocket memories, tired rocketeers, and the smell of AP and BP.

    Jeff, it was great seeing you and talking about your projects.
    Jon, glad you could make the launch and was able to launch a few times with us. Hopefully we can get you to L1 soon.
    Darryl, Thanks for all your launch rods. Without them we would have run out of matches lighting the AP motors. Too bad about the rocket carnage but I was trying to compete with you too.

    We all had a good hike or two due to the South to Southwest winds that carried the models a ways.

    Our next launch is scheduled for December 11, 2010 at Sims Farm with ADC Park as a back up. Come and have fun. Hope to see ya all then.

    Stay tuned to the Bluegrass Rocketry Society web site for launch schedule updates.

    See you there.

    Joe Magginnis

    END 11/14/2010 END