BlueSkies52 Report
September 17, 2011

It was one of the best days we have had at ACD Park. The wind was usually around 0.2mpr with gusts up to 1mpr.
It started out cloudy but soon cleared of to more sunny than patchy clouds which made tracking easy. Temps were in the mid to upper 70's with relative humidity around 40 - 60% most of the day. It was a very comfortable day.
There were not a lot of people at the park which also allowed us more freedom and less worry about landing sites.

We had 4 fliers with 21 flights and 23 motors burned. The total impulse was 614.2 N-sec. (A z;plo I-396LS) .

Motor breakdown:

  • 1/8A - 0
  • 1/4A - 1
  • 1/2A - 0
  • A10 - 0
  • A - 5
  • B - 0
  • C - 9
  • D - 3
  • E - 0
  • F - 1
  • G - 3
  • H - 1
  • I - 0
  • J - 0
  • K - 0
  • L - 0
  • M - 0

    Flyers and their Birds.
    Name Flights Comments
    Joe Magginnis 9
    1. Metalizer (C6-3) Good Straight Flight
    2. Patriot (C6-3) Almost landed in tree North of launcher
    3. Patriot (D10-7) A lot more altitude that the C6
    4. Sonic Boom (A6-4) Good flight. Not far to recover.
    5. Sonic Boom (A6-4) Good flight. Not far to recover
    6. Seeker (C5-3) Drag race with Darryl
    7. Sonic Boom (A6-4) Good flight. Not far to recover
    8. Sonic Boom (A6-4) Good flight. Not far to recover
    9. Silver Streak (1/4A3-4T) Reached about 25 feet above pad. Very powerful ejection charge. Landed about 5' from launch pad.
    10. Silver Streak (A3-4T) Nice second flight with a lot more altitude
    11. Cowabunga (G115-9) Good flight. Visitors helped me recover the model NNE of the launch Pad.
    Darryl Hankes 5
    1. Seeker (C6-5) Drag race with Joe.
    2. Screamin' Eagle (D21-7) Don't remember this flight.
    3. Drone (C6-7) Interesting rocket that looks like a glider but flew pretty good. Slight damage to several fins.
    4. Sizzler (C6-7) Darryl put this one on the moon. Nice straight flight.
    5. Warthog (G80) Good flight that landed near the office building.
    Jeff Caldwell 4
    1. Black Brant II (D5-6) Nice Straight Flight.
    2. Jayhawk (G53-5) Good Flight
    3. Defender (C6-7 x 3) Loop de loop due to ignition of only one engine. Landed next to Jeff's car with two damaged fins.
    4. Onxy (F22-5) Nice flight once we got the ignition system fixed.
    Vincent Cotton 1
    1. Wild Child (H133-14) Vincent successfully completed his Level 1 Certification with this flight. Congratulations Vincent. Thanks Darryl for all you help.

    Our next launch is scheduled for October 01, 2011 at ADC Park. Come and have fun. Hope to see ya all then.

    Stay tuned to this web site for launch schedule updates.

    See you there.

    END 09/18/2011 END