BlueSkies55 Report
January 07, 2012

Winds were in the low 5mph range and were less as the warm mid 50's wore on. I got there at 9:00 and left at 5:30. The winds were from the NW which carried the rockets toward the tree line behind the launch pad area.

We had 11 fliers with 30 flights and 34 motors burned. The total impulse was 5299 N-sec. (Aerotech M1500G-P) .

Motor breakdown:

Flyers and their Birds.

Name Flights Comments
Jeff deDoming 8
  1. Door Knob (B6-4) Good Flight
  2. CamRoc (D12-5) Nice Flight. Payload of Key Chain Video Camera showed good Pictures of the flight could be seen on the laptop after the flight.
  3. CamRoc (D12-5) Good Flight. Key Chain Video Camera Payload produced nice Pictures of the flight too.
  4. Boatail (G53-5FJ) Good Flight. Third Flight produced nice video seen at the launch site.
  5. Interceptor (C6-5)
  6. PML Phobos (H73J) Good flight.
  7. V2 (E9-4) Good Flight
  8. Door Knob (C6-5) Good Flight
Jeff Caldwell 5
  1. Wild Child (G58W) Good Flight.
  2. JayHawk (76-10G) Nice Flame and height.
  3. Stovi (H180W)
  4. Onyx (F22-5J) Good Flight.
  5. ISQY Tomahawk (B6-4)
Matt Kendrich 4
  1. Wild Corn (Duces Wild) (C6-5 x2) Good picture of the dual motor smoke.
  2. Duces Wild (C6-5 x2) Good picture of dual flame.
  3. Magician (Ed-6)
  4. Duces Wild (C6-5 x2) Nice Straight Flight.
Joe Magginnis 4
  1. Cloud Warrior (C6-0, B6-6) Good Flight. Booster did not release at ejection and sustainer burned through the booster causing slight damage that can be repaired.
  2. Ricochet (A6-4) Maiden Flight. Not much height but easy recovery.
  3. Ricochet (C6-5) A lot higher and a longer recovery walk.
  4. Minne Magg (G126-7) Just enought height to allow for chute recovery.
Heather Kendrick 2
  1. Sizzler (B6-4) Good Straight Flight.
  2. Sizzler (C6-5) Unstable Flight almost hit person behind launch area. Quest motor caused the model to go unstable.
Ed Seward 2
  1. PML AGM 256 (G126-13A) Good Flight and recovery.
  2. Tethys DD (J360) Largest motor fired today. Good Flight but a long recovery trek.
Nick Greco 1
  1. Greco 7 (J350) Level 2 Attempt. Good Flight. Rocket and motor recovered in tact. Certification Flight and Test successful. Grangulations Nick on Level 2.
Darryl/Dylan Hankes 1
  1. AMRAAM 3 (I218WT) Good Flight.
John Simson 1
  1. The Rock (J357-17A) Good Flight. Level 2 Attempt not successful.
Del Wilson 1
  1. Wildman Jr. (I175) Good Flight.
University of Evansville USLI Team 1
  1. Team Project (L990) Good Flight.

Remember, the club still has some motor packs available for $3.00 a pack. That's a far cry from the current retail prices. See Dennis Stevens for purchases.

Our next launch is scheduled for January 8, 2012 at Sims Farm. This is a TRA Research Launch. You must be at least TRA certified Level 2 to launch at this event.

Stay tuned to this web site for launch schedule updates.

See you there.

END 2/18/2012 END