BlueSkies 57 Report
May 19, 2012

Today is the first launch of the year at the ADC Park. There was a lot of ball being played along with others enjoying the park . I got there at 9:45 and left at 3:30. The very slight winds were blowing from the East and posed no problems with other park activities.

We had 3 fliers with 38 flights and 42 motors burned. The total impulse was 720.1 N-sec. (Loki J320LR-14A).

Motor breakdown:


  • 1/8A - 0
  • 1/4A - 0
  • 1/2A - 1
  • A - 2
  • B - 7
  • C - 13
  • D - 6
  • E - 9
  • F - 2
  • G - 0
  • H - 0
  • I - 0
  • J - 0
  • K - 0
  • L - 0
  • M - 0

    Flyers and their Birds.
    Name Flights Comments
    Joe Magginnis 15
    1. Snitch (B6-4) Good Flight
    2. Snitch (1/2A6-2) Barely got off the pad. Height estimated to be about 8 feet.
    3. Snitch (C6-3) Got a bit more height with this motor.
    4. Snitch (B4-4) Dylan drag raced with Tucker.
    5. Snitch (B4-4) Tucker drag raced with Dylan.
    6. Umbrella (E15-7T) Good Flight
    7. Umbrella (E15-7T) Good Flight
    8. Umbrella (E15-7T) Good Flight
    9. Umbrella (B6-4) Good Flight
    10. Umbrella (B6-4) Good Flight
    11. Umbrella (B6-4) Good Flight
    12. Umbrella (E15T) Good Flight
    13. Umbrella (E15T) Good Flight
    14. Umbrella (F39) Good Flight
    15. Umbrella (F39) Good Flight
    Darryl Hankes 12
    1. N.D.R.M. (C6-3) Good Flight
    2. Super Big Bertha (D11-P/C6-7x4) All engines ignited. There was a slight pause when the last engines ignited about 4 feet above the pad. Really neat effect.
    3. N.D.R.M. (D12-0/E9-6) Straight and very high flight. Darryl got his exercise on this one.
    4. N.D.R.M. (E9-4) Great Flight.
    5. Cork Screw Fat Boy (D13-7) Great Flight straight up with a little twist.
    6. Cork Screw Fat Boy (C6-3) Good Flight
    7. Cork Screw Fat Boy (B6-2) Good Flight
    8. Cork Screw Fat Boy (?) Model lawn darted and destroyed the body tube.
    9. N.D.R.M. (D12-0/C6-7) Loop de Loop Flight. Upper stage did not ignite. No Damage
    10. N.D.R.M. (D13-7W) Good Flight
    11. N.D.R.M. (C6-3) Good Flight
    12. N.D.R.M. (B6-2) Good Flight
    Matt Magginnis 10
    1. Photon Disrupter (B6-4) Good Flight
    2. Loadstar (C6-3) Nice straight flight.
    3. EX-200 (A3-4T) Good Flight.
    4. Mini Max (A3-2T) A lot of height on such a small motor.
    5. Athena (B6-2) Good Flight. Separation of shock cord from body tube at ejection. All pieces recovered.
    6. Sky Trax (C6-7) Good Flight
    7. Mini Honest John (A10-3T) No ejection charge in SU. Tree broke rocket fall and rocket landed safely with no damage.
    8. Photon Disrupter (C6-5) Good Flight
    9. Photon Disrupter (C6-5) Good Flight
    10. Sky Trax (D21-7) Good Flight with a quick lift off and a lot of height.

    Remember, club dues of $20.00 for the year are due. If you pay by check please make it out to: Bluesgrass Rocketry Society.

    We still has some motor packs available for $3.00 a pack. That's a far cry from the current retail prices. See Dennis Stevens for purchases.

    Our next launch is scheduled for June 9st at ADC Park. Come and have fun. Hope to see ya all then.

    Stay tuned to this web site for launch schedule updates.

    END 05/22/2012 END