BlueSkies 63 Report
February 17, 2013

This was the first launch at the Sod Farm in Elizabethtown, KY. I got there a little before 9:00 but spent 15 minutes looking for the place. Once we got there and settled in it was setup and fly rockets on this beautifully suited landscape. There is a lot of open land with nothing but soft grass to land on. the few hazards are a pond, a few trees, a power line and a road. It was a good day to fly even though the wind was cold. The sun kept us warm along with the insulated underware. Dennis Stevens had the honor of flying the first rocket on our new site.

We had 7 fliers with 33 flights and 35 motors burned. The total impulse was 3627 N-sec. (Cesaroni L995RLP) .

Motor breakdown:

  • 1/8A - 0
  • 1/4A - 0
  • 1/2A - 1
  • A - 3
  • B - 7
  • C - 7
  • D - 3
  • E - 6
  • F - 1
  • G - 0
  • H - 3
  • I - 2
  • J - 2
  • K - 0
  • L - 0
  • M - 0

    Flyers and their Birds.
    Name Flights Comments
    Dennis Stevent 15
    1. Vector V (A8-5) Good Flight
    2. SS Cassiopeia (B4-4) Good Flight.
    3. Air Show (C6-3) Great combination of rocket and two gliders. Another good flight in the books.
    4. Three Ring Rocket (2X B6-0, B6-4) Great Flight. Straight and True Staging Progression that performed flawlessly. Model flew really high and all stages were recovered undamaged.
    5. Condor (C6-3) Nice flight.
    6. QCC Explorer (D12-5) Maiden Flight. Great Flight.
    7. QCC Explorer (E9-4) Really high Flight.
    8. Big Daddy (E9-4) Great high flight.
    9. Mini Honest John (1/2A3-2T) Maiden Flight. Needs more power.
    10. Mini Honest John (A10-3T) Good second flight with a lot of height.
    11. Aurora II (B6-4) Maiden Flight. Good Flight.
    12. Ion Challanger (D12-5) Maiden Flight. Good Flight.
    13. EPM-10 (B6-4) Maiden Flight. Great Flight.
    14. Alien Invader (B4-4) Maiden Flight. Nice flight. Good straight flight.
    15. Air Show (C6-3) Always a crowd pleaser. Nice flight.
    Joe Magginnis 7
    1. Jupiter C/Explorer 1 (C6-3) Another great Estes classic. Good flight and recovery.
    2. Saturn V (D12-3) Great Lift off. Only the capsule chute deployed while the two chutes in the main body did not deploy. Main body tube lawn darted but the grass was so soft it bounced and was not damaged. RTF again.
    3. Mercury/Redstone (C6-3) Great flight. Capsule and main body chute opened allowing another Estes classic to land safely.
    4. Vegabond (H54-5A) Good Flight. Almost got a bird on assent. The parachute was too big and allowed the model to drift a long way. It landed just short of the horse area and the road.
    5. Vegabond (H163-7) Good Flight. Bottom of rocket clipped the power lines as it passed over them on descent.
    6. Vegabond (F120-7) Good Flight.Parachute tangled in fin during recovery and caused the body tube to lawn dart into the sod damaging about an inch of the upper body tube.
    7. Saturn V (E28-8) Good Straight fast flight. All chutes opened and landing was a bit south of launch site for both sections.
    Matt Magginnis 4
    1. Mini Max (A103-4T) Good Flight. Landed on streamer near launch site.
    2. Photon Disruptor (C6-5) Excellent flight.
    3. Magician (E9-6) First time using an E motor. Great Flight with lots of height.
    4. Magician (E9-6) Another great flight.
    Nathan Armehtrat 2
    1. Special Delivery (I236) Maiden Flight. Great Flight.
    2. Thunderstruck (C6-7) Maiden Flight. Good Flight.
    Darryl Hankes 2
    1. N. O. R. M. (J290W) Great loud fast lift off. Good Flight
    2. Boosted VI (J12520 Vmax) Extreemly high flight. Model landed over road and over a row of houses. Dennis helped with recovery with his pickup truck.
    Ed Seward 2
    1. Der Red Max 4" Upscale (H165R) Great Flight. Late but good chute.
    2. Hawk Upscale Goblin (E9-6) Good Flight.
    Nick Greco 1
    1. U of L USLI (I297SK) Fast and straight flight. Motor burned holes in nomex blanket. Good recovery. Not sure if the model performed as they had programmed it. Need more input data.

    Our next Sport launch is scheduled for March 09th at Sims Farm and a Research Launch March 10th at Sims Farm. so pray that the weather remains good so the farm will be ready for us in March.
    Come and have fun.
    Hope to see ya all then.

    Stay tuned to this web site for launch schedule updates.

    Dues are now due for the 2013 season at a special price of $20.00 for the year.

    END 02/19/2013 END