BlueSkies 64 Report
March 09, 2013

This was the second launch at the Sod Farm in Elizabethtown, KY. I got there a little before 9:00 am. Once we got there and settled in it was setup and fly rockets on this beautifully suited landscape. There is a lot of open land with nothing but soft grass to land on. the few hazards are a pond, a few trees, a power line and a road. It was a good day to fly even though the wind was solid. With the help of Dennis Stevens the mid to low power pads were ready for the first launch around 10:00. There were a lot of people both flying and observing including some local folks. I left after 6:00 pm.

We had 12 fliers with 62 flights and 66 motors burned. The total impulse was 15,298.7 N-sec. (Cesaroni N2501) .

Motor breakdown:

  • 1/8A - 0
  • 1/4A - 0
  • 1/2A - 0
  • A - 3
  • B - 14
  • C - 18
  • D - 14
  • E - 5
  • F - 2
  • G - 1
  • H - 2
  • I - 0
  • J - 4
  • K - 1
  • L - 2
  • M - 0

    Flyers and their Birds.
    Name Flights Comments
    Dennis Stevent 17
    1. NASA (C6-5) Good Flight
    2. 3 Ring 3 Stages (2 x C6-0, C6-7) Good Flight landed down range.
    3. Ion Challenger 3D (D12-5) Another good flight in the books. Landed close to pad.
    4. Broadsword (D12-5) Great Flight. .
    5. Upscale Starship Nova (E9-6) Nice roll during lift in flight.
    6. Onyx (Alien) (F25-6W) Drag Race with Brother Albert. Closest to pad.
    7. Onyx (SAM) (F25-6W) Drag Race with Dennis. Long Walk to recover.
    8. EPM-010 (C6-5) Great high flight.
    9. Air Show (C6-3) Great crowd pleaser.
    10. Aurora II (C6-5) Good Flight with nice roll over.
    11. Goony Max (C6-5) Good Flight.
    12. Goony Blue Max (C6-5) Good Flight.
    13. Alien Invader (C6-5) Great roll during flight.
    14. 57 Goony Chevy (C6-5) Nice spin during flight.
    15. SR71 Blackbird (C6-3) Great roll and spin flight.
    16. ACME Spitfire (D12-3) Nice flight. Good straight flight. Close walk.
    17. Outlander (D21-7) First Flight with a D21 motor. All parts stayed intact. Do it again but need 4 sec delay.
    Joe Magginnis 16
    1. Alien Invader (A10-3T) Good flight with recovery.
    2. Sky Writer $2 (B6-4) Drag race with Jon Owens. Jon's model did not ignite. Need to do it again.
    3. Sky Writer $2 (B6-4) Drag race with Jon Owens.
    4. Turbo Copter (A8-3) Good Flight. Copter nose cone ejected and came down as a helicopter. main returned by 6" chute.
    5. Twister (A8-3) Good Flight. Hard to see the small black model.
    6. Baby Bertha (C6-3) Good Flight..
    7. Delta Clipper (C6-3) Lifting Body had a good flight.
    8. Fat Boy (D12-3) Good flight and recovery.
    9. Silver Comet (D12-3) Great Lift off flight and recovery.
    10. Baby Bertha (C6-3) Great second flight.
    11. Silver Comet (D12-3) Good Second Flight.
    12. Big Bertha (D12-5) Good Flight.
    13. Renegrade (D12-0, D12-5) Good Flight. Upper stage ignited perfectly. Recovery device in the upper stage did not deploy due to motor falling from the motor mount during motor ejection firing. Model Lawn Darted causing extensive damage to the model. It will require extensive repair to fly again.
    14. National Aerospace Plane (C6-3) Good Straight flight.
    15. Solar-Venture (D12-5) Good Flight. Parachute deployed and the model was missing the nose cone upon recovery. Later found the nose cone while looking for the booster stage of the Aztec.
    16. Aztec (B6-0, B6-6) Good liftoff, staging and recovery. The model lifted to a great height and required a long hike to pickup the booster and the upper stage. Ready to fly it again at the sod farm.
    Jeff Caldwell 8
    1. X-RV (B6-2) Good Flight. Needs trimmed for better glide.
    2. X-RV (B6-2) Good Flight. Needs trimmed a little more for better glide
    3. X-RV (B6-2) Good Flight. Good glide
    4. Black Brant II (D5-6) Another great flight.
    5. Mercury Little Joe (B4-2) Good Flight. Landed near launch site.
    6. Stovi (H255WT) Excellent flight.
    7. Excalibur-2 (B-0, C6-7) Great Flight with good stage separation. lots of height.
    8. Sky Spy (C6-3) Who says square rockets can't fly?
    Matt Magginnis 5
    1. Sky Writer #2 (E9-6) Great Flight with lots of height.
    2. Photon Disrupter (D21-7) First time with a D21 Motor. Shot off the launch pad into the sky.
    3. Sky Traxx (C6-54) Excellent flight.
    4. Dark Star 4 (J244 WT) Great Flight with a slow and majestic liftoff. Lots of height.
    5. Magician (E9-6) Good powerful flight.
    Jon Owens 2
    1. Outlaw (B6-4) Good Flight
    2. Baby Bertha (B6-2) Good Flight.
    3. Sky Writer #2 (B6-4) Good Flight
    4. Sky Writer #2 (B6-4) Good Flight. Drag Race with Joe.
    David Hopperton 2
    1. Against All Odds (K470) Great Flight.
    2. unnamed rocket (H120) L1 certification.
    3. unnamed rocket (J335) L2 certification. Congratulations on your L1 & L2 Certification.
    Nick Greco 2
    1. U of L USLI (L995) Fast and straight flight.
    2. U of L USLI (L995) Fast and straight flight.
    Robert Mitchel 2
    1. Fantom (J335) Good flight.
    2. Tantom 438-EXL (J335) L2 Certification. Congratulations on your L2 Certification
    Ed Seward 2
    1. Goblin (D12-7) Good flight.
    2. Hawke Goblin (E9-6) Good flight.
    Darryl Hankes 1
    1. Mini Me (G126WT, F85WT) Motor to Dart did not ignite and lawndarted.
    WKU 1
    1. Pie-bar over 2 (J357) Good Flight.

    We had 4 Certification Attempts with 3 successful, 1 L1 and 2 L2.

    Congratulations to David Hopperton on a successful L1 flight on an un-named rocket powered by a CTI H120 Motor.
    He also Certified on an un-named rocket powered by a CTI J335 Motor.

    Congragulations also go out to Robert Mitchell for a successful L2 flight on a Fantom'438-EXL model also powered by a CTI J335.

    Our next Sport launch is scheduled for March 23th at Sims Farm and a Research Launch March 24th at Sims Farm so pray that the weather remains good so the farm will be ready for us in March.
    Come and have fun.
    Hope to see ya all then.

    Stay tuned to this web site for launch schedule updates.

    Dues are now due for the 2013 season at a special price of $20.00 for the year.

    END 03/14/2013 END