BlueSkies 7
September 17, 2005

First let me thank everybody who were able to make it: David Logan and wife Linda, Darryl and wife LieChar with kids, Mark Thompson and wife Halley, Randy Starks and of course ME. Everybody was coming from at least 50 miles away to participate, and with Gas prices a they are, I know it all cost people some real money.

Anyway the weather only partially cooperated, although we seemed to always have a cloud cover above 3k, so we were able to get in some pretty impressive flights.

The launch totals were:


That's 16 Low Power, 10 Mid-Power and 4 Hi-Power flights so that
makes for a really good distribution.

So from about 10am to 5Pm we got in 30 flights. That's about 5
flights per hour or 1 flight every 12 minutes. I personally achieved a number of firsts that I am very proud of.

I finally was able to fire up my very first single-use composites:
E30-7 ( in Davids's FATBOY#1), an NCR/Estes F62-4 Dark Star( thick black smoke like a black Jack) in Darryl's Pterdactyl , and a G80-10 in Darryl's Arcas. I want to say thanks guys for allowing me to use some of your models to accomplish this. I also launched David's FATBOY #1 with an Estes E9-4, and got in a B6-4/C6-7 flights on David's Quest Big Betty. Now I get to find the money for some RMS case so I can do DEFG reloads. I can't wait!

We were able to get 4 HPR launches in: David put up a LOC IV on an H128 white Lightening, while Darryl put up 2 H's (H97- AmRAmm/H148-Tethrys) and an I-357(Matrix?). One of each of these were a Blue Thunder (blue flame) and a Redline (red flame). All stayed below the cloud cover so no "holes" were punched in any clouds. Darryl did have a run-in (AGAIN!)in with the infamous "Farmer Bob" while looking for his AmRamm.... Darryl also showed off some very unique and good looking original dewign, one of which was a 3 motor cluster which has a perfect straight up flight!

Randolph Starks was able to get in 2 flights won his AT Initiator on an E-164 and F 40-7 AT RMS reloads. These were Randolph's first RMS composite flights and David and Darryl both helped with assembly and they worked flawlessly. Way to go Randolph!.

Mark Thompson got in a few flights including a clone Cherokee-D with some unique homemade decals, and Quest Tomahawk.

David, as usual, got in the highest number of and most variety of flights. He put up an Estes Banshee , Gemini DC, Black Brandt 2, TRI-FO saucer on a G38.

Both Randolph and Linda were taking pics, and will post them here to the Photos section, and later along with this, I will post them on our website.

One highlight of this get-to-gather, was that Linda cooked up us
some hamburger and hot dogs, courtesy of LieChar and Darryl, whcih was promptly wolfed down by all.

The other highlight was Darryl's "Pinata" flight which ejected perhaps as many as 30 or more little "suckeres" on white and purple streamers. That was a really cool flightand of course the kidz loved it as did the adults too!

Well, that about all I have to say about this BlueSkies-6, but it was one of the best yet. One of these days we will be able to get more people there and have even more fun.

Hopefully we will be able to get back together in mid to large Oct or very early Nov depending on weathe, although I might try and get some of the Lex people to get together sooner.

Look forward to seeing all soon.

Terry Dean