BlueSkies 70 Report
August 11, 2013

Launch was held at the Sod Farm in Elizabethtown, KY. It was a mostly sunny day. The winds were light to nonexistant. It was hot when the sun was out beating down. Thanks to Dennis for putting up his pop-up which saved the day for a lot of us.
There was a good crowd of flyers and spectators.

We had 13 fliers with 67 flights on 72 motors burned. The total impulse was 4707 N-sec. (Cesaroni L1290SK) .

Motor breakdown:
  • 1/8A - 0
  • 1/4A - 0
  • 1/2A - 0
  • A - 9
  • B - 7
  • C - 24
  • D - 8
  • E - 12
  • F - 4
  • G - 2
  • H - 2
  • I - 1
  • J - 2
  • K - 1
  • L - 0
  • M - 0

    Flyers and their Birds.
    Name Flights Comments
    Dennis Stevens 18
    1. Starship Nova - White C6-3) Blew out side.
    2. Starship Nova - Yellow (C6-3) Great.
    3. Starship Nova - Blue (C6-3) Again blew out side.
    4. M.I.R.V. (3xC6-0/A10-3T) Good Flight. All motors ignited.
    5. Rigel 3 (C6-0/C6-7) Great flight with good height and recovery.
    6. Snarky (E30-4) Fast lift off.
    7. Starship Nova Upscale (E9-4) Nice Roll.
    8. Goblin (D12-5) Nice.
    9. N-20 Demon (D12-3) Great.
    10. QCC Explorer (E9-6) No Chute - Ouch.
    11. Porta Pot Shot (B4-2) No Chute - OK. Quite the crowd pleaser.
    12. Big Daddy (E9-6) Drag with Andrew - Great take off. Andrew came in HOT.
    13. Ruskie (C6-5) Great Flight.
    14. Onyx - Silver (F26J) Drag with Albert's Rocket - Great Drag Race.
    15. Onyx - Sam (F26J) Drag with Albert's Rocket - Great Drag Race.
    16. Air Show (C6-3) Always Nice.
    17. Sizzler (A8-3) Short Delay.
    18. Sizzler (A8-5) Better.
    Cory Lewis 12
    1. Athena (A8-3)
    2. Athena (C6-5)
    3. Athena (A8-3)
    4. Athena (C6-8)
    5. Snitch (C6-0) Drag Race with Joe. Model did not launch until the 3rd ignitor.
    6. Athena (D21-7) First flight with a D21. Holy Cow.
    7. Athena (A8-3)
    8. Athena (A8-3)
    9. Athena (A8-3)
    10. Athena (A8-3)
    11. Athena (A8-3)
    12. Athena (B6-4) 11th Athena flight in one day
    Joe Magginnis 8
    1. Snitch (C6-5) .
    2. UFO-51 (B6-2) .
    3. Mongoose (B6-0.B6-6) Maiden Flight.
    4. Metor Masher (C6-5) Maiden Flight.
    5. Astrobeam (C6-5) .
    6. Maxi Alpha 3 (C6-3) Nice.
    7. Snitch (C6-0) Drag with Cory
    8. Umbrella (F35) Crash and burn. Forward closure destroyed along with model.
    Earl Branch 7
    1. Crossfire 15X (B6-4) Nice straight flight with a good landing.
    2. Hyjacker (F24-4FJ) Great Straight Flight just before out of sight.
    3. G-Force (G38-14F) Great Slow Flight
    4. Metalizer (C6-5) Nice Flight
    5. Top Shot (E9-4) Nice Long Flight. Chute lines blew.
    6. Red Flare (E9-4) Crackling Engine noist at lift off. Chute linew blew.
    7. Mega Alpha III (D12-5)
    Don Branch 8
    1. Maxi Alpha 3 (D12-5) Good Launch. Recovery landed model in water puddle in dirt area.
    2. Bull Pup (B6-4) Maiden Flight. Good Launch and Landing.
    3. Photon Probe (C6-5) Maiden Flight. Shift at launch with a good landing.
    4. Guardian (C6-5) Maiden Flight. Raced with Athena which won. No contest. Long walk for recovery.
    5. Vegabond 2 (E12-6) Maiden flight. Good launch and landing.
    6. Der Red Max (C6-5) Shift at launch. Great Flight and Landing.
    7. QCC Exployer (E9-6) Maiden Voyage. Angled flight was straight with a soft landing
    Jeff Caldwell 3
    1. Blackhawk 38 (H225WT)
    2. Mars Lander (C6-3)
    3. SST Shuttle (C6-3)
    Andrew Branch 2
    1. Big Daddy (D12-5) Straight Flight - Went well.
    2. Big Daddy (E12-6) No pop. Rocket Nose Dove into the ground.
    Daniel Branch 2
    1. Blue Ninja (D12-5) Good Flight.
    2. Blue Ninja (D12-5) Successful flight. Easy recovery.
    Joe Purvis 2
    1. LOC Onyx (G54MW) Good Flight.
    2. Sod Chisel (H165R) Level 1 Certification Joe - Welcome back to HPR.
    Ed Seward 2
    1. Hawke Upscale Goblin (E9-6) CATO at launch pad. Model destroyed.
    2. Red Flare (E9-6) Good flight.
    Zachary Wright 2
    1. Cousin WOW (J499) Great Flight.
    2. Der Red Max (I170) Great Flight.
    Steve Blandford 1
    1. Wild Thing (J520SK) Level 2 Certification. Congrats Steve - Welcome back to Level 2
    Gregg Blncoe 1
    1. Panda Express (K360) Good Flight.

    A hardy welcome to our 2 new members, Don Branch from the Cold Spring, KY, and Joe Purvis from Lousiville, KY.

    Our next Sport launch is scheduled for September 14th at the Sod Farm .

    The following two certifications were successful:

    Level 1
    Joe Purvis
    used "Sod Chisel" powered by an H165R
    Level 2
    Steve Blandford
    used "Wild Thing" powered by a J520SK
    Congratulations to each one of you and Welcome to the world of high and higher power motors.

    Launch Fees are $10.00 for HPR and $5.00 for low power per day
    Stay tuned to this web site for launch schedule updates.

    Dues for the 2013 season are only $20.00 for the year.

    Thanks to all the rocketeers and spectators who attended our August Launch. We hope you enjoyed and if you have any suggestions or comments that will improve our launches let one of the officers know. We appreciate your attendance and hope to see you in Spetember.

    END 08/18/2013 END