BlueSkies 73 Report
November 09, 2013

Launch was held at the Sod Farm in Elizabethtown, KY. It started out quite chilly but became a mostly sunny day. The winds were 5 to 13 with gusts near 20. It felt goo when the sun was out beating down and you had to shed some of the outter wear but when it went behind a cloud it got chilly and you had to put some outter wear back on.
There was a good crowd of flyers and spectators.

We had 11 fliers with 60 flights on 67 motors burned. The total impulse was 1594.1 N-sec. (CTI K500) .

Motor breakdown:
  • 1/8A - 0
  • 1/4A - 1
  • 1/2A - 1
  • A - 6
  • B - 9
  • C - 13
  • D - 8
  • E - 14
  • F - 7
  • G - 5
  • H - 3
  • I - 0
  • J - 0
  • K - 0
  • L - 0
  • M - 0

    Flyers and their Birds.
    Name Flights Comments
    Joe Magginnis 10
    1. Witchcraft (C6-3) Good launch, Flight and Recovery. Easy to retrieve by Patty.
    2. Alien Invader (C6-3) Good flight. Recovered by Patty.
    3. Mongoose (b6-0/B6-6) Good Flight. Booster separated near the launch area. Recovered in the dirt by Patty.
    4. Goblin (E9-6) CATO. Propellant blew through the body tube pushing out the recovery device and leaving the rocket undamaged.
    5. Goblin (E9-6) Great flight. Went too high even with a streamer recovery. Lost it and my good yellow streamer in the corn field.
    6. Bat Roc (C6-3) Good flight on a streamer. Landed in the dirt.
    7. Silver Streak (1/2A3-4T) Nice Roll.
    8. Silver Streak (1/2A3-3T) Lowest flight for me. Landed near the launch pad. Ejection did not break the clay plug and deploy the recovery device. No damage.
    9. Silver Streak (A3-4T) Good lift off, great height and a powerful ejection. Landed in corn field North of launch pad.
    10. Silver Streak (A10-4T) Great launch, nice and high flight and great recovery. Landed in grass past the dirt strip. Took a while to recovery and return to launch site.
    Don Branch 9
    1. Future Launch Vehicle (B6-4) Spin during flight. Short recovery. Lost paper fin.
    2. Plasma Probe (B6-4) Nice Straight flight. Short recovery.
    3. QCC Explorer (E12-6) CATO Engine blew through the nose from explosion shortly after launch.
    4. Guardian (C6-5) Nice Flight. Long Recovery but landed safely at grass line just short of the corn field.
    5. Vegabond II (E12-6) CATO. Same as earlier CATO. Same pack of Estes engines. No more E12-6's
    6. Bullpup (B6-4) Nice long flight. Short Recovery.
    7. Solar Warrior (D12-5) Nice Flight. Short Recovery.
    8. Phantom Probe (C6-8)
    9. Der Red Max (C6-5)Drag Race with Chris. Great entertainment with both rockets on the pad at the same time.
    Jeff Caldwell 8
    1. Patriot (C6-5)
    2. Hornet (B6-4)
    3. Black Brant II (D5-6) Good flight too much height wind carried it into the corn field. Lost in Corn.
    4. ISQY Tomahawk (F85WT) ~1000'.
    5. Defender (3xA8-5)All 3 clusterd motors ignited. Great Flight.
    6. SAM-3 (C6-5)
    7. NLX-774 (B6-4)
    8. Lil Rascal (G115WT) ~700 feet.
    Chris Bertrand 6
    1. Fat Boy (B6-4) Maiden Flight.
    2. Mean Machine (E9-4) second flight.
    3. Magician (D12-5) Lost in corn.
    4. Baracuda (F22-5)
    5. Red Max (C6-5) Drag race with Don
    6. Mirage (G64-4) Great Last Flight of the Day
    Dave Branch 6
    1. Green Machine (E12-6) Landed on gravel. Buckeled aft end of rocket.
    2. Yankee (C6-5) Great flight. Actually recovered.
    3. Yankee (D12-4) Farewell flight. Launched to Oblivion.
    4. Maxi Alpha 3 (E12-6) Nice Flight. Good Recovery.
    5. Athena (C6-7) Great Lauch. Lost Rocket.
    6. Star Trek (C6-7) Great Launch. Close Recovery.
    Earl Branch 5
    1. Crossfire ISX (C6-5) Nice Flight. Separation of Nose but got all pieces back.
    2. Hijacker (F27-4R) Sice slow flight.
    3. Pro II trajectory (E15-7) Nice Flight. Recovered>
    4. G-Force (F42-4) Nice Straight Flight. Easy Recovery.
    5. Mirage (G53*4J) Georgeous long straight flight. No ejection. Body to be repaired.
    Ed Motley 5
    1. B2 (G40-7)
    2. Quad B4 (4x E9-4) All motors ignited and made a great flight.
    3. Stratocruiser (D12-0/A8-3)
    4. Ventris (F50-T)
    5. Speed of Balsa (F16-6)
    Matthew Magginnis 4
    1. G-Force (H133BS) 30" Chute with spill hole kept model on grass and out of the corn.
    2. Majestic (E15-8) Lost in Corn.
    3. Mini Magg (H123SK) Excellent crowd pleaser. Lots of black smoke and sparks. Straight flight. Long recovery but not in corn field.
    4. Mini Magg (H123SK) Second launch with the H123 sparky motor. Excellent crowd pleaser. Lots of black smoke and sparks. Straight flight. Shorter recovery time.
    Doug Branch 3
    1. Greem Machine (D12-5) Maiden Flight.
    2. Eliminator XL (D12-5) Maiden Flight.
    3. Eliminator XL (D12-5) Second Flight.
    Darryl Hankes 3
    1. Red Dot (G150BS) Straight and loud short burning motor. Good height. Fast lift-off
    2. Red Dot (E31WT)
    3. Red Dot (F85WT)
    Catherine Branch 1
    1. Monarch (B6-4) Maiden Flight. Her first model rocket flight ever. Great flight straight up and good recovery.

    Welcome to our newest members,

    Doug Branch from Felicity, OH.
    Dave Branch from Ft. Thomas, KY.
    Chris Bertrand from Lexington, KY.

    Our next Sport launch is scheduled for December 14th at the Sims Farm .

    Our 10th Anniversary will occur November 22, 2013

    Celebration is Scheduled for February 8, 2014

    9am - 5pm

    Sims Farm

    November 22, 2013 marks the 10th anniversary of an informal launch for the 1st get together of the Bluesgrass Rocketry Society (Bluegrass Rocketry Club) which was held at the Hardin Landfill.

    The 1st official HPR/Sport launch was held on February 28, 2004 at Sims Farm.

    In honor of these two events we are planning a special 10th anniversary launch Called SOMETHING OLD - SOMETHING NEW on February 8, 2014. We need your help to to determine how many people will attend this event. So please email the secretary (or any club officer) if you plan to attend.

    Any memorbilia related to the clubs past activities and any knowledge you would be willing to share will be greatly appreciated.

    Currently we plan to have a rocket launch, luncheon, special events, and door prizes so please plan to attend and make our 10th anniversary celebration a big success.
    Bring anything that you find interesting about rocketry to demonstrate what it meant for you and what you did or didn't learn from it.
    Bring your memorbelia to share with others. Give a little history on it if you can.
    Do you still have that weird or unique rocket you built. Bring your rocket plans and any notes you are willing to share.
    Got some really old stuff to show and share with us? Bring it and you could win a special prize.

    If it's rocketry related bring it.
    Got any old kits, plans, ideas, tips, accessories, thoughts, deals, support equipment? Bring it.
    Got any really neat NEW stuff? Bring it and you could win a special prize for it too.

    Launch Fees are $10.00 for HPR and $5.00 for low power per day
    Stay tuned to this web site for launch schedule updates.

    Dues for the 2014 season are only $20.00 for the year.

    Thanks to all the rocketeers who attended our November Launch. We hope you enjoyed and if you have any suggestions or comments that will improve our launches let one of the officers know. We appreciate your attendance and hope to see you in December.

    END 11/16/2013 END