CAP Launch Report
April 28, 2007

Well folks it was a great day to fly some rockets. Weather was great other than the wind out of the east.

We had 17 flyers that got a total of 109 flights which is outstanding we had rockets flyin all day with little interuption.

We burned 110 motors with a total impulse of 4511.43 ns= about L1420R

Breakdown of flights by Rocketeer:

CAP Flyers

Rocketeer   Flights
Timothy Bernier   7
Sean Hart   6
David Hodge   7
Tyler McNeil   8
Collin Oliver   14
Rachel Thomas   4
Karen Weinkle   3

Other Flyers

Rocketeer   Flights
Lee Berry   1
Johnathan Callahun   13
Darryl Hankes   4
Devin Hankes   1
Dylan Hankes   4
Joe Magginnis   21
Matt Magginnis   9
Jack Rhodus   4
Brian Sparkman   4
Matt Sparkman   0
Dennis Stevens   5

Breakdown of Motors flown:

Motor Type   # Flown
1/4A   2
A   8
B   39
C   30
D   13
E   4
F   4
G   3
H   5
I   1
J   1

Rockets Flown

Aquapod Black Brant II Black Lighting Blue Ninja
Bomarc Cheetah Comet Cox Honest John
Death Star Don't Remember Dragonite Eliminator
Escape Velocity Executioner Expediter Fat Boy
FireHawk Hyper-X mini BBX Onyx
Oracle Patriarch Patriot Phantom 4000
Puma Python 4 Quark Quest UFO-51
SA-14 Archer Salty Seeker Snitch
Spike StarHawk StarShip One The Sword
Wacky Wiggler Wild Fire Woket X-15

Sean Hart got all his flights on his Star Hawk and earned his certifcate from NAR and also earned his CAP badge good job Sean.

Timothy Bernier also got all his flights on his Star Hawk and earned his certifacate and badge great job Timothy.

Collin Oliver had the most flights of the CAP boys and earned his cetifacate and badge on his Star Hawk and also got some flights in withan X-15 way to go Collin.

Tyler McNeil Earned his certificate and badge with his Star Hawk and also got some flights in with a Patriarch out standing.

Dylan Hankes earned his certificate on his Seeker But like his dad really had to let one loose he put his Cheeta up on a Roadrunner F60 that tore through the sky (thats my boy)

Devin Hankes earned her certificate with her Seeker (thats my girl)

I got some good flights off Showed the CAP boys what you could do with a water bottle or old salt container.My woket on a Pro 54 3 grain J295 was a real crowd pleaser and divet maker i then flew my 2 stage Don't Remember like most the missiles I make it aquired it's target and went for it.

Jack Rhodus had a successfull L1 flight with his SA-14 Archer welcome to HPR Jack.
Jack's Bomarc was a real crowd pleaser on a G64 also,and Jack added a little excitement when he fired his Phantom 4000 on a G64 and had a fwd closer fail and fire shootin out both ends way cool and it will fly again.

Joe Magginnis once again tops the charts with the most flights at the event drag racing his Snitches several times and everyone loved it way to go Joe.
Joe also got nice flights out of his Puma and Dragonite.

Matt Magginnis got several great flights out of his Drgonite till the last with a seperation.
Matt also got his indestructable Blue Nija up on E9's again.
Then he flew his LOC Expiditer on a H123 It caught the wind and went straight up OOPS it hung in a tree.In an effort to retive his rocket I straed the rocket eating tree in the face but had to back down he was bigger than me. Sorry Matt.

Dennis Stevens got some nice flights out of his fun rockets the Wakky Wiggler Fire hawk,and then of course the Quark which way did it go)

Lee Berry got a nice flight out of his The Sword on a E9

Johnthan Callahan was out there really throwin up his flights included saucers Fat Boy a nice star wars replica and got some nice flights from his Onyx and his Spike till he treed the Spike.Sorry you treed one Johnathan.

Brian Sparkman came out and flew with us again and brought his brother Matt along with him.Brian had several great flights with his Escape Volocity DD on all his flightsHis EV made 2600' on a I225FJ his Black lighting on a H669 Warp 9 motor was something to see or should I say not see It dissdissaperad with a quickness to 1800'.Then there was the Mini BBX on an H97 that poped the main early and met farmer Bob.Brian I'm sorry you had to meet him glad everything worked out.farmer Bob had the balls to pull a 357 on Brian and his brother NOT COOL Sorry again for that Brian and Matt.

David Hodge got several great flights out of his Oracle before it met the out building ouch.He also flew his Honest John star ship 1 and Patriot.

Rachel Thomas earned her badge on her Star Hawk way to go Rachel.

Karen Weinkle also earned her badge with the Star Hawk Good job Karen.

I don't think I saw a kid without a smile on his/her face the whole day,in my eyes that makes it a great success.

Our next launch is at MSP on May 12th see you all there,till then keep the pointy end up.

P.S. Dennis,Joe,Mark, Haley,Liechar thanks for all your help could not have done it without you. Thanks

Thanks Sponsors for your support and
help to make this event a huge success