Christmas Fun Fly Report
December 08, 2007

It started out sunny somewhere in the world but not here. It was cool and damp most of the day. Drizzle was the weather for most of the day but not enough to cancel the shoot. A few times it rained enough to seek shelter and once it sleeted enough to pull a rocket and wait a few minutes before launch.
All-in-all it was a great day with the sun shinning through everyone.

I had a great time. We got started about 11:00 am and finished launching around 4:00. It was 4:30 when the launch site was cleaned up and we left.

Fliers and their birds: We had 8 fliers with 20 flights and 28 motors burned.
That's a flight every 17 minutes.
Total impulse for the day was 1320.55 Newton-Seconds which is equivalent to about an AT K1499N.

Motor break down:

  • 1/2A - 3
  • A - 1
  • B - 5
  • C - 3
  • D - 6
  • F - 5
  • G - 5

    Name Flights Comments
    Johnathan Callahan 10
    1. LOC V-4 (F60-4RR) Nice.
    2. Full Moon B6-4) Great flight.
    3. Mosqueter (1/2A3-2t) Which way did it go?.
    4. Trans boost glider (B6-2) Nice Glide.
    5. Trans boost glider (C6-3) Nose dive.
    6. Mini Cobra (B6-0/1/2A3- 2t) Goodbye.
    7. Onyx (F40-4W) Sweet
    8. Blue night (D12-7) Nice.
    9. Jynx (A10-3t) Missed that one.
    10. Nightmare (B6-4) Seperation.
    CJ Kendrick 4
    1. 54 Crayon (H128W) Sweet slow and low.
    2. Kentucky Arrow (D12-3) Scotty we need more power.
    3. Kentucky Arrow (F24-7W) Houston we have a problem (Burned through case).
    4. N.V.D.P. (D12-3x2) It's a little nipply out here :-).
    Darryl Hankes 4
    1. X-mas Rocket (F45RR) I like.
    2. X-mas Rocket (G80RR) I like even more.
    3. Toothless (C6-5) 1st Flight of Day.
    4. Bluebyrd (D12-7) Nice and straight.
    Jay Berry 3
    1. Big Rages Revenage (C11-5) Tubular.
    2. Rubicon (D12-3) Some things just need bigger motors.
    3. Der Red Max (B6-4) Last Flight (I love that rocket).
    Andrew Conners 2
    1. 3" Horizon (G80-4RR) Great flight.
    2. Big Daddy (E9-6) With the misdirection.
    Joe Magginnis 2
    1. Christmas Tree Rocket (G40-4W) Awsome flight love the lights (contest winner congrats).
    2. Christmas Tree Rocket (G77-4R) Crash and the lights still work.
    Dan Ruby 2
    1. Bat (F27-4R) Nice save.
    2. Bat (G79-4W) There we go.
    Lee Berry 1
    1. Candy Cane (1/2A6-2) Thats it Lee?.

    We had almost 20 people show up:

    Darryl Hankes, Nocturnal Knight Rocketry, brought and set-up the High Power range, RSOed the club meet and brought his wares.

    Phil Stevens brought Johnathan Callahan, the low power pads, Heater, PA System and Snacks. Thanks Phil.

    Joe Magginnis brought his wife, Belinda Magginnis who handed out Christmas candy. Thanks Belinda.

    Andrew Conners came out with his pop-up complete with side walls and heater. I do not remember who brought the chocolate but it hit the spot while staying toasty warm by the heater.

    Tony came out with CJ Kendrick. Nice to meet you.

    Lee Berry, Merlin Missles, brought his brother, Jay Berry, Jay's son, Trey and Dan Ruby.

    Dallas Daech came out with his parents Doug & Judy for a while. Good to see you all again.

    Mark and Hayley Thompson put in an apperance. My kids say thanks Hayley.

    For those interested I'm still gonna try and get to the farm the 29th 9-5 EST this month.
    I'm dying to put up that Thumper with a cluster.

    It was great to see and fly with all again.

    Hope everyone has a great, safe Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    I will do the year-in-review at the end of the month.

    Stay Warm,

    END 12/09/07 END