BluesRockS Launch Photos
and Reports

Can you help?

Your help is needed. Please provide any information or pictures you can for our launch history.
Hopefully we can complete the missing launch event information.

Either use the yahoo groups area or contact me at MrJoeM

Please help if you can.

Event Place Date Photos Reports
BlueSkies13 Sim's Farm 2/10/07 Yes Yes
BlueSkies12 Sim's Farm 12/9/06 Yes Yes
BlueGrass Blast 06 Hardin Landfill 10/7&8/06 Yes Yes
LexLaunch6 Masterson Station Park 09/09/2006 Yes Yes
BlueSkies11 Hardin Landfill 08/12/2006 Yes Yes
LexLaunch5 Masterson Station Park 07/08/2006 Yes Yes
BlueSkies10 Hardin Landfill 06/17/2006 No Yes
LexLaunch4 Masterson Station Park 05/20/2006 No Yes
BlueSkies9 Hardin Landfill 04/09/2006 Yes Yes
LexLaunch3 Masterson Station Park 03/19/2006 Yes emails
BlueSkies8 Hardin Landfill 02/25/2006 No No
LexLaunch2 Masterson Station Park 01/01/2006 Yes Yes
LexLaunch1 Masterson Station Park 10/17/2005 Yes No
BlueSkies7 Hardin Landfill 09/17/2005 Yes Yes
BlueSkies6 Hardin Landfill 06/25/2005 No No
BlueSkies5 Hardin Landfill09/25/2004 Yes No
BlueSkies4 Hardin Landfill08/07/2004 Yes No
BlueSkies3 Hardin Landfill06/26/04 Yes Yes
Spring 2004 Fun Fly
(KY-Tour de Deuce)
Hardin Landfill04/03/2004 Yes Yes
BlueSkies2 Sims Farm03/20/2004 No No
BlueSkies1 Sims Farm02/28/2004 Yes Yes
1st BluesRockS Get Together Hardin Landfill11/22/2003 Yes emails