Fun Fly HLF82507 Report
August 25, 2007

Motor breakdown: Fliers were: We had 5 fliers with 27 flights and 37 motors burned. That's about one flight every 15 minutes. Plenty of time to relax and enjoy.
Total impulse for the day was 585.5 N-S which is equivalent to about an Hypertek I310 (440cc172J) 54mm.
Motor break down:

  • A - 3
  • B - 8
  • C - 12
  • D - 7
  • E - 6
  • F - 0

    Name Flights Comments
    Belinda Magginnis 15
    1. Snitch (C6-0) Always neat.
    2. Vertigo (B6-4) Great flight.
    3. Pulsar (A6-4) Cool.
    4. Ruthless (A6-4) Nice rocket.
    5. Chrome Dome Silver (B6-4)Great Flight.
    6. Chrome Dome Gold (B6-4) Broken Fin.
    7. HI Jinks (B6-4) Nice flight.
    8. Screw Machine (C6-3) I remember that one comig in a little hard. Slight crease on Silver section but still flyable.
    9. Silver Streak (B6-4) Just a flash and it's gone.
    10. Metalizer (C6-5) Another great flight. This is the one we lost.
    11. Patriot 18 (C6-5) Nice rocket.
    12. Dragonite (C6-5) Always cool to see.
    13. Patriot 24 (D12-7) Good motor for a good rocket.
    14. Intruder(B6- 4) Cool kit.
    15. Orbital Transport B6-4) Low flight and trajectory but a good glide and pretty landing ;-).
    Darryl Hankes 8
    1. Star fighter (C6-3) Good flight NC whacked a whole in the BT on ejection
    2. SBS (D11-P) Chinese pinwheel.
    3. Nike Hecules (C6-0x4/D12- 7) Awsome 1st stage,looping 2nd.
    4. LM-2E (C6-5) Stable this time.
    5. Spear (G80-10RR) Ripped off the pad,then broke in half onthe landing.Glad I've switched to glass now.
    6. Blue Angel D11-Px2/D12- 7) TREE,Sweet flight for a scratch build.
    7. Green Goblet (D21-7T) Another great flight for one of my scratches.Had electronics in it blew NC off payload bay and spit out my alt.As small as it was fits BT20 my lovely daughter found it,and it still worked after falling over 500'.Thank you Devin.
    8. Aste 30 (E15-7W) Another one of my scratches Great flight. Yep in a tree.
    Joe Magginnis 3
    1. Cheetah (E15-5W) Great flying rocket and not a bad motor either My records show this as the last flight.
    2. Space Shuttle (C6-3) The orbiter came down a little faster than Joe liked.
    3. Broadsword(E9- 6x4) Way cool flight.Nice one Joe. See you and your wife Mon.
    Devin Hankes 1
    1. Comander(B4- 2) Nice flight.
    Dylan Hankes 1
    1. Galleo (A8-3) I think the wind caught that one.

    Others in attendance were:

    After cleanup we ended about 5:00.

    Joe, glad we could get together and just fly, eat and enjoy ourselves without me having to worry about any of my duties and just have a good time with some good friends and food.
    Thanks had a great time, see you Labor Day. Darryl

    P.S. Darryl cooked some mean burgers and bratwrusts, and Linda made some kicking potaot & tuna salads. Thanks to you for all you have done.

    END 8/29/07 END