Presidents Report:

Mark, Jason , their families and I got in 2-3 hrs worth of flights out at Lexington's Masterson Station Park today in 55 degree mostly blue skies (till the end) weather. Flights included a F20 Econojet , a blue ninja, a couple Micro Maxx, 2 Edmonds Delties flights, and a Deuces Wild flight by Jason, Mark put up his Estes a Spaceship One flight that was almost perfect, a TLP Bolo on a D12-3, a TLP OSIRIS, and several more and I got in a couple of flights a with my oldie, but a goodie CMR Manta... all together we threw up maybe 20 rockets in 2-3 hrs so that's not too bad. All-in-All, it was a great day to launch model rockets and we all had a great time!.

-Terry Dean