LexLaunch 3 Report
March 19, 2006

Sun Mar 19, 2006 8:37 pm
"Don Gollahon" dlgllhn@... dlgllhn

I just posted 49 pictures to the yahoo groups site (http://ph.groups.yahoo.com/group/bluesrocks/photos) in the MS 2006-03-19 album.

I was only there until 2:30 (had to get home and see the UK game and bake a cake for my wife's bday). So I missed a lot of the launch. You all will have to add descriptions since I don't know what is what.


Mon Mar 20, 2006 7:36 am
"kodybrian" kodybrian@... kodybrian

Don, thanks for the pics. I have some as well that will go well with yours. I thank you for catching one of my successful flights! In my pics you will see the 2 major lawn darts I had. The first was not my fault, motor failure of some type, second dart was a big fat my fualt. wrong delay in motor, the delay popped right after it hit the ground. The kids liked the bomb thou, I think I heard one yell, SCUD Had a good time with Terry,Mark and Jason. Jason thanks for helping me with the reload,I should have done a cross reference on delay and changed it in hindisight,but, as you said the first reload, I was intimidated to be honest. Man that G77r was sweet, as was your smokey f, and Deans failure to launch bigdaddy and Marks fin shredding rubicon


Mon Mar 20, 2006 12:16 pm
"shockie" shockwaveriderz@... shockwaveriderz


thanks for the photos! now I have a request to make of you: could ou send those photos to Mark Thompson at kyflyin@... so he can put them up on a web page? send in bynches and zipped if need be.We definately want the world to see what we fly and hopefully that will attract new and more members to our club!

thanks to all who showed up especially Brian who came all the way from Erlanger in Northern Ky! Was great to meet you and look forward to flying with you again sometime soon!.

terry dean

Wed Mar 22, 2006 5:43 pm >br> "kodybrian" kodybrian@... kodybrian

Jason, do you have any pics from Sunday ? I am really looking for a good one with the minnie mag that lawn darted. Thanks, Brian

Thu Mar 23, 2006 3:57 pm >br< "kodybrian" kodybrian

I would love to get the Gforce and minnie mag redline ones at full resolution. Ofcourse I have a nice resolution of the big daddy smokey, which was one of my fav pics for the day. I will return it to you! Thanks, Brian