LexLaunch 5 Report
July 8, 2006

Ok Folks, The following people were present at todays launch:

  • Darryl Hankes
  • Terry Dean
  • Jason Backus
  • Kevin
  • Clinard "CJ" Kendrick
  • Bill
  • John "Jack" Stewart
  • Jack's Son
  • Baylen
  • Belinda

  • I had a great time. Thanks for the help and the certification Darryl.
    I uploaded 65 pictures under the title lex launch msp 07/08. I hope you all enjoy them.
    It was nice to meet everyone.
    We had a great time at the launch on Saturday. BluesRockS made the 6:00p evening news on WLEX tv.... It was a brief 15-20 second clip just before sign off but it was neat. A launch (with someone saying "3,2,1, I hope"), loading on the pad and Darryl retrieving the Matrix I think.
    There is also a picture in the Sunday paper this morning of Darryl and his Rockets, preparing the Thumper Jr. for its launch.
    Darryl, Thank you for your help with the cert flight and congrats again to Kevin on his.
    Don, the videos were great and thanks again for the pictures upload.
    It was great to see everyone again and meet some new rocketeers. All in all it was a great day.
    Jason and Kevin got their L1's. Jason on a I165r,and kevin on a H220b.

    A guy from UK showed up and enjoyed the launch said he would have his graduate class build us anything we needed which was really cool.

    Kudos to Mark on a job well done getting him and the news crews out to the launch.
    The news paper was there when I got there I put up an H112fj and an I284w before he left. I think the I284 startled him a bit. I think it was more than he expected.
    Channel 18 showed up near the end and filmed some. What made the news I dont know. Dont get those channels down here.
    When he was setting up I did not see him and fired an I195fj. When I turned to watch the smoke trail it all went right for him. I think he got a little choked up hahaha. Darryl

    You know guys, I think yesterday was one of the better Bluesrockers launches I have been to since we started. It would have been perfect if we had another 5-10 people there but with Local Newspaper coverage and support and then WLEX18 showed up and gave us our 15 seconds of fame, perhaps it will help to spark growth in rocketry here in Kentucky.

    Next month when we do it in Etown, lets the get Hardin county News Enterprise there. Perhaps the Courier-Journal out of Louisville and some Louisville TV stations.
    Excellent work on both Mark and Darryl's behalf made this possible.

    In addition we minted 2! new L1 people yesterday, congrats to Kevin on his H220 Blue Thunder flight and Jason on a H165 Redline. Both flights exhaust colors were very prominent to see. With Bill's G80 powered "speedy" and Darryls "I"s... I'm sure we hit the 3-4K mark several times yesterday.

    Also I want to thank everybody who looked and looked and looked again for Kevin's case and Darryl's rocket; This showed me that we were a true club as we spend alot of time looking for both.
    Thats a true sign of teamwork.

    The weather of course couldn't have been better, with virttully no winds and only a very few "long walks".....

    I throughly enjoyed myself yesterday and now look forward to Etown next month.
    terry dean

    Both Baylen and my wife appered for an hour or so.
    Belinda took time to look for Darryls' rocket as well when she left the park. I took about an hour and a half on Sunday to look for Kevins' lost 29mm case.
    Sorry guys, no luck.

    We had 49 flights.
    A total of 64 motors were burned with total newtons of 3605ns which is = to amw L1060GG and about one launch about every 9min.
    The break down of motors was:

  • A - 7
  • B - 9
  • C - 21
  • D - 7
  • E - 4
  • F - 5
  • G - 5
  • H - 3
  • I - 3
  • Had a great time with all and the weather was great.
    Hope to see everyone in e-town 8-12-06 for the next e-town launch.