LexLaunch 6 Report
September 9, 2006

Ok folks first of all Mitch, Jack, Drew congrats on some great cert flights! Nick you'll get there I swear. Something i forgot on my last e-mail the sponsers will be listed on the back of the shirts. I also have asked David to get the club a box of those hats he wore at the last launch with our logo on it. If we can get them by next month we will hand them out to our members at the launch. I'll check with David on that. David said he would bring paper plates and plastic wear. Mark said he'd bring the beans and tattersalad. I've got the buns and frenchrolls.

Back to the launch report:
There was plenty of carnage as usual.
Bill lost one.
I had a delay falter that zippered my matrix. Broke a fin off another.
Nick had another bad day. Chute and nosecone seperating from one and the next lawndart. The sound is kool but the carnage is even cooler. Sorry Nick.
There were more. I remeber seein' a cluster destroy it's self mid air was that CJ?
Jack's V-2 was a great cert flight on a H165R. Told ya that it would work.
Drew had a great cert flight on a H128W in his callisto. Worked great. Did you ever get the guts outta your motor?
Mitch is the first L2 our club has certed this year and he put his tethys up on a J350.
Perfect day for some of those higher flights.
Still haven't heard from the park directer.
Joe it was good to finally get ya out to MSP. Did ya get all your testin in?
Know we have plenty of L1's in our group. I got help certin folks. I don't think I finished any conversation I was in.

We had ?? flights.
A total of 70 motors were burned with total newtons of 4053 N-S which is equal to a little more than a Contrail L1222sf.
The break down of motors was:

  • 1/4A - 1
  • 1/2A - 2
  • A - 11
  • B - 7
  • C - 18
  • D - 15
  • E - 2
  • F - 3
  • G - 3
  • H - 5
  • I - 1
  • J - 2
  • It was a great day for flyin and it was good to meet everyone new.
    Hope to see everyone next month.