LexLaunch 7 Report
March 18,2007

Well althought it started out pretty chilly things did finally warm up once you was out in the clear blue skies at MSP today.
Mark T. ,CJ,Jack Stewart,Jack Broadus,Dennis Stevens, and myself.
Rusty Clark was new and him and his son Travis flew a few.

Thanks to all who drove long distances to fly with us!

We had some new people show up: Jack Broadus from Danville and Rusty Clark and son Travis from Lagrange kY. Also had a couple visitors one whose name was Tom, but I can't remember the other person.

we got in a total of 35 flights from 12-4PM so thats about 8-9 per hour or 1 every 7-9 minutes.

We had 35 flights.
A total of 38 motors were burned with total newtons of 1100 NS which is equal to an Animal J400RR-P.

The break down of motors was:

  • B - 2
  • C - 18
  • D - 8
  • E - 4
  • F - 1
  • G - 5
  • Had a numer of really nice c12/d13 18mm reload flightsthat jumped off the pad; and Jack Broadus brough some "old school" to fly NCR ARcher-14 and a NCR Phantom-4000.
    We also had 2 clusters 1 with 3 C's and 1 with 2 D's.

    Mark's Decaffinator was a veru unusal flight in that the bottom actually glided for like 15-20 seconds which evidently was in a thermal or updraft and as soon as it hit a down draft it came down and crashed and burned.

    altogether a pretty good day.

    Thanks to all who drove long distances to fly with us!

    Look forward to seeing everybody in ETown come next month!

    good job guys and gals and kidz!

    terry dean nar 16158

    From:  "John Stewart"
       Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2007 00:37:07 -0000

    Yes, It was a good launch Terry. I only wish I would have been able to stay longer.

    CJ, hey thanks for helping out with the video effort. When it comes time to edit, just remember I am a novice videographer, and it showS! Sadly, I think I got some good footage of the "Decaffinator"

    Other than that, I got only three flights for sizzeling average of one per hour. See y'all next time.


    From:  "Russell Clark"   
    Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2007 18:12:00 -0700 (PDT)

    Just wanted to say thanks again to everyone.Travis and I had a great time today and are hoping to make the next launch.Will have to check the baseball schedule.
    Thanks again

    From: "Dennis Stevens"
    Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2007 02:39:34 -0000

    Hi guys, had a great time today. It was so nice to meet the newcomers, Rusty, Travis and Jack . Just finished cleaning the motor caseings, had 7 composite flights today,. Looking forward to the next launch.

    About the motors I bought the other day. I think the best idea is to save some for the kids, ( to give them free motors with a rocket kit ) and then sell the rest to the members only. These are for your personnal use only, not to be sold to others.
    I bought these motors for the club first, members second.
    I would like your feedback as to how you think we, as a club, should use these motors. Either post here or call me at 502-231-3681. We are a club, and as a club we need to decide the best use for these motors.

    Here is what I got---- These are packs of motors

    1. 40 - 1/4 A3-3T
    2. 7 - 1/2 A3-2T
    3. 1 - 1/2 A6-2
    4. 30 - A3-4T
    5. 30 - A10-3T
    6. 26 - A10-PT
    7. 44 - A8-3
    8. 30 - A8-5
    9. 22 - B4-2
    10. 56 - B4-4
    11. 6 - B6-2
    12. 26 - B6-0
    13. 42 - B6-4
    14. 41 - C6-0
    15. 24 - C6-3
    16. 10 - D12-0
    17. 20 - D12-7
    18. 9 - D12-P

    Remember these are packs of motors.

    Sorry for the long post.
    Dennis Stevens