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Bluegrass   Rocketry Society
National Association of Rocketry, Section #657
Tripoli Rocketry Association, Prefecture #130

Rocket Launch

April 6, 2024

10am - 5pm

Sod Farm

Remember: Do NOT Drive on the Grass

2023 Membership Dues - $20.00
And covers all launch fees for the year

Launch Fees:

Without Membership:
High Power = $10.00
Low/Mid Power = $5.00

Launch Fees are included with Membership Dues


The Bluegrass Rocketry Society (BluesRockS) is a club committed to having family oriented rocketry events.
Our launches are open to the entire family and we encourage rocketeers of all ages to participate in our exciting sport.
We fly rockets of all sizes and types.
Help us spread the joys of recreational and educational model rocketry throughout Kentucky by participating with BluesRockS.

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