Sims Farm
Hardin County, KY

The four maps below show directions to the site.

simsaero.jpg (104024 bytes) Sims-1.jpg (144910 bytes) Sims-6.jpg (94973 bytes) Sims-5.jpg (78258 bytes)


Below is a panoramic of the Sims Farm launch site

01__hr_Dirt_Rd_leading_to_Road+Split.jpg (14821 bytes)
Dirt Road Leading to Road and Split
02__hr_Dirt_Road_Splits_North_South.jpg (21420 bytes)
Dirt Road Splits North and South
03__hr_Looking+Due+North+From+BG+Parkway.jpg (15519 bytes)
Looking Due North from Bluegrass Parkway
04__hr_Looking+East.jpg (17063 bytes)
Looking East
05__hr_Looking+NE+from+BG+PKWAY.jpg (15196 bytes)
Looking NE from Bluegrass Parkway
06_Looking+NNE+from+BG+Pkway.jpg (13810 bytes)
Looking NNE from Bluegrass Parkway
07_looking+Towards+Bluegrass+Pkway+from+dirt+Road.jpg (12852 bytes)
Looking towards Bluegrass Parkway from Dirt Road
08_Looking_back_from+Road_Split.jpg (18849 bytes)
Looking back from Road Split.
09_Looking_SouthEast.jpg (18761 bytes)
Looking South East
10_LookingNW+from+BG+Pkway.jpg (13824 bytes)
Looking NW from Bluegrass Parkway
11_North_NorthEast.jpg (16022 bytes)
North North East
12_NorthEast.jpg (15851 bytes)
North East
13_Sims+Farm+Entrace.jpg (14147 bytes)
Sims Farm Entrance